10 Popular Instagram Beauty Hacks That Don’t Really Work

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and smell incredible? And even better, do it the easy way? Beauty hacks are everywhere on social media these days, especially on Instagram. I love beauty hacks as much as the next person but lately they have just become extremely weird and have kind of lost their way a little bit. Is it worth it to put questionable chemicals on your face or sharp objects like scissors or a blade next to your eye, just in the name of beauty? Well not really, just greatly dangerous.

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Some of these beauty hacks deserve a double-tap for creativity for sure but do they actually work? Well, sorry to say this but not really. In this video posted by TheTalko, you will see 10 makeup and beauty hacks learned from social media that just simply don’t work, no matter how much we want them to.

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From wasabi zit cream that you should definitely not put anywhere near your face since it’s spicy and can irritate your sensitive skin, to milk of magnesia as a primer, kitchen sponges as beauty blenders, and lemon and baking soda as a brightener. It is as crazy as it sounds. These have the potential to cause damage to your skin and you really have to ask yourself is it works it?

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You can watch more videos about fashion, celebrity lifestyle, fitness, or relationships on their channel but for now, let’s see why you should stay away from these substances and keep them away from your beauty routine.

Source: TheTalko

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