10 Pieces Of Advice From Couples Who Survived Rough Times In Their Relationship

When you finally believe you have fallen in love, and decide to spend your entire life with someone, you should also keep in mind the difficulties that come with living together with your beloved one. I mean, when you live together, you find out a lot more about your partner. There are certain routines, certain quirks you get to see that you have never been exposed to before. You most likely have but not constantly. Many couples tend to ask for advice before taking further steps in the relationship, there are those who believe they can handle anything that comes their way, but no one denies the fact that aside from love and affection there are also slight difficulties couples need to learn how to manage.

Love is not a walk in the park… or is it? I guess it depends on your perception of ‘walk in the park‘.

There are a few rules that people believe have helped them in their relationships, let’s look at some:

1. Put yourself first.

Sometimes a healthy amount of egoism is a good thing. There are cases when “we went there,” “we are watching this now,” are heard, and especially, “we think.” Be an individual first, then you can function in a relationship.


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2. Be realistic about your partner.


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3. If you don’t like something — talk about it.

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4. Be thankful.

Oftentimes we say “thank you” to simple passers-by who do a good deed to us. Why not be thankful in a relationship as well?

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You can check some illustrations expressing the devotion in a relationship here.

5. Practice: breakfast, jogging, bathing.

They help you get closer to each other and diversify everyday routines.

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6. Touch.

Hugging, holding hands, kissing each other in the morning, massages after a long day – all these provide feelings of safety and trust.

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7. Don’t be afraid to be “real.”

There are some things we only notice when we are alone, so always be yourself.

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8. Kiss whenever you meet and leave.

It supports the emotional connection.

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9. Don’t forget to give compliments.

Not only the appearance but also the actions and the thoughts.

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10. Allow your partner to be themselves.

Support and respect each other, these are key components.

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