10 Major Signals That Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

Nowadays, it is almost impossible not to have a stressful everyday life. Every person stresses out differently, and for different reasons. Stress is not always bad, in fact, it can help you meet some challenges. However, stress doesn’t manifest only through frustration, but it also affects our overall health, including our skin. Your body is sending you various signals when you are suffering from severe stress.

Scroll down and learn which conditions stress can cause, which also serve as signs that your body is under severe stress, courtesy of Stylecraze.


1. You’ve got skin diseases


Yes, acne can appear due to poor skincare or even food, but stress can be significant cause not only for acne but also for other skin diseases like psoriasis. According to research psychological stress can cause some skin problems.

2. Your weight fluctuates wildly

It seems that diet and exercises don’t work for you anymore when it comes to losing weight. Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol which responsible for keeping the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in your body in check. So, whenever the extra amount of cortisol is produced because of stress, the body ends up burning fewer calories.

3. You get a cold too often


If you notice that you are getting cold too often, no matter what the season is, you can blame stress for it. Your immune system’s sensitivity to cortisol reduces due to stress, and that causes inflammation.

4. You face stomach problems

Of course, food is a major cause of gastric problems, however not the only one. According to studies, stress has a great impact on the health of the gastrointestinal tract. If prescribed medications don’t help, maybe it is time to scheduling an appointment with a psychologist to help you with your anxiety.

5. Poor concentration levels


If you start noticing that your concentration levels are low and you find it hard to focus on one task, you can blame stress for it. Stress causes nervous tension, which makes it hard for your mind to focus on what you’re doing.

6. Experiencing hair loss

According to scientists, severe stress not only causes hair fall but it can also make you partially or fully bald. You need to cut down on stress if you notice that the volume of your hair has gone down and taking vitamin supplements is not helping.

7. You get frequent headaches


Severe emotional stress can be the cause of frequent headaches. Even though many different conditions can cause a headache, the stress seems to be the most common one. In order get rid of a headache you can use pills, but they will keep coming back unless you remove the root that causes them.

8. Lack of interest for the under-the-cover fun

People who are exposed to high-stress environments often have a lower libido, according to one study. If this is the case with you, pack your bags and go on a short trip with your partner, explaining that stress was the cause of lack of sex.

9. You can’t sleep


Turing around trying to get sleep and it is long past midnight. Sounds familiar? You’ve tried all the methods regarding food, lightning and cozy atmosphere but nothing helps. Not even the sheep counting. Well, you know what to blame. Daily stress can severely mess up your sleep cycle and can even cause insomnia. We know that proper sleep is crucial for our overall health, so if any sleeping pills don’t help, it is time for you to consult your doctor.

10. You experience a literal heartache

No, we aren’t referring to the heartbroken pain in the chest. Chronic stress can significantly damage your heart and cause different cardiovascular diseased. So, an appointment with a doctor is a must.

Source: stylecraze

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