10 Signs That You Are Sleep Deprived

Nowadays, almost every adult is living life full of various obligations during the day. At the end of the day, many of us want to just relax and perhaps play a movie on Netflix, and somehow it seems that we spend less and less time sleeping. At least, some of us.


The human body is the ultimate of complex systems that has to be treated right, and when it isn’t, will give you signals telling you that something is wrong. The way it works actually is truly remarkable. One of the most important things that help this system work properly is the good night sleep. Both the mind and the body work at optimal capacity when the sleeping routine is healthy.

Scroll down to learn some of the indicators that show that the body requires more sleep, courtesy of Tapoos.

1. Weight gain


The sleep deprived individuals eat up to 3000 calories a day, which is more than what they would eat if they slept more, according to a study. Also, the lack of sleep releases cortisol, the stress hormone which signals the body, that it needs to get fat.

2. Impaired thought processes



When you are sleep deprived the levels of concentrations and focus are at an all-time low. It affects negatively on your mental abilities and the emotional state as well. Also, the sleep deprived individuals are more prone to mood swings.

3. Emotional problems



According to studies, sleep deprivation is the biggest cause for crankiness. Also, according to these studies there is a link between lack of sleep and lesser emotional control. Did you know that if the sleep deprivation goes long enough, it can cause depression? So, make your bed and swim in your sweet dreams couple of hours before the usual time.

4. Poor memory



Well, you can’t always write down everything in order to remember your crazy schedule, right? According to studies, the REM waves during a good night’s sleep help in boosting memory as well as other important mental functions.

5. Decreased immune system


The lack of sleep is also a major cause for the lack of white blood cells and platelets in the body, which maintain a solid and resolute body immune system.

6. Decreased sex drive


The studies have shown that the sleep deprivation also results in a deceased libido. If your body doesn’t get enough rest is automatically says no to sex. This is due to hormonal changes that happen because of lack of sleep.

7. Decreased longevity


According to one study, women who tend to sleep five hours or less per day over lifetime were less likely to live as long as those who get more sleep. This is mostly because of the chronic stress which is inflicted on the body.

8. Heart disease


Sleep deprivation is linked also with heart diseases and also it can also raise the blood pressure levels. So in order to prevent heart disease, besides eating healthy you have to sleep healthy too.

9. Injuries and accidents


Driving after a sleepless night is no better than drinking and driving. The fuzzy and unclear mind, that is result of the lack of sleep, is really dangerous when you are driving.

10. Chronic disease


And last but definitely not least, the sleep deprivation can lead to many chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

Here is a short list of advice on how to avoid sleep deprivation.

  • Plan your daily schedule since is really important to get those recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a day.
  • If it is better for you, set a time frame in which you just have to sleep.
  • Set the mood since sleeping doesn’t happen just out of the blue. Sit back, relax and sweet dreams to you.
  • In order to fall asleep easier, avoid consuming sugar, caffeinated drinks and heavy meals.
Source: tapoos

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