100 Years Of Changing Fashion Trends You Must Know

Major shifts in fashion trends did not pass by without being noticed. It’s all in details, and more. Each decade has its specifics when it comes to how women used to dress year by year. Every added or removed detail makes a difference. Just stop and pay attention to yourself right now. What you are wearing, what kind of bijoux you have put on, what kind of attitude you have… yeah, yeah seriously. How you look can really determine how you behave in different occasions.

We cannot leave the big impact in fashion which celebrities have without being mentioned. It just goes along with the changes occurring. What Hollywood stars look like, determines in quite a high level how people around the globe look like. Of course, other factors have their effect as well, like cultural norms, the mentality of people, political situation etc.

What is currently popular of the styles of dresses is what fashion refers to. And some people take it really very seriously when it comes to following trends. Others might just have their own compass, and that is fine too. You could ask yourself: Why do fashions change? One of the best answers is probably, as simple as the fact that, people change. The old gets replaced with the new. And sometimes after a while the old comes back again. It’s like a cycle.

It couldn’t go without being noticed how much the 90’s fashion is being a trend nowadays? Like everybody suddenly became obsessed with the clothes they hid in their closet for years.

Pay attention how dresses changed through history. Each decade holds something beautiful to surprise you with. Keep scrolling down 100 years of fashion and see where they’ll take you.


In the Roaring Twenties, silhouettes were loose and hemlines were shorter than before.

Fur, sequins, and bead embellishments were on trend.


Silhouettes began to hug the body more. Bias cuts and lightweight material such as sating were favored.


During the war, dress styles were simple and practical.
Elements like structured collars and pockets were borrowed from menswear.



Fifties style was both glamorous and conservative.
Cinched waistlines and accentuated hips and bust achieved the idealized hourglass shape.


Short shift dresses were on trend.
Bright, bold patterns paired with white boots were a go-to.


The disco era introduced a lot of flashy sequins.
Long dresses, with dolman cape-like sleeves, became popular.




From the hair to the shoulder pads — 80s fashion was big and bold.
Mid-length, brightly colored dresses were on trend.


Minimalism characterized fashion at the time. Thin spaghetti straps and long shapeless dresses marked the decade.




Pink, flashy and furry described fashion at the time
Empire waist dresses and halter necklines were on trend.



Today, its all about cutouts. Cold shoulders, plunging necklines, scooped backs and side cutouts are all on trend.

Which year holds your favorite details? Let us know your comments.


Source: Glamour Magazine