11 Incredible Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind

A few genres can get us all excited like psychological thrillers can.

Usually at the end of the movie we have a million questions that were left unanswered. They often explore the infinite depth of human psychology including the character’s thoughts, distortions, fears and perceptions. Once you start the movie everything seems normal but then all of a sudden the story makes an unexpected and mind-blowing turn.

Which thrillers would you list as the best ever, anyway?

Scroll down for this list of eleven most incredible psychological thrillers of all time, courtesy of 9gag. You know what to do if you haven’t seen some of them.

1. The Machinist (2004)


This incredible psychological thriller, directed by Brad Anderson and written by Scott Kosar, is about one industrial worker who hasn’t slept in a year. Trevor Reznik is a machinist whose insomnia and other psychological issues lead to a serious workplace accident involving a co-worker. Of course, after he is fired, his mental state is getting worse and he goes into a downward spiral of paranoia and delusions.

2. Requiem For A Dream (2000)


This epic movie, starring Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly, is based on a book of the same name by Hubert Selby, Jr. The story portrays four different forms of drug addiction. The drug addiction leads the to the characters’ imprisonment in a world of delusion and reckless desperation that is subsequently overtaken by reality.

3. Jacob’s Ladder (1990)


This intriguing psychological thriller is about Jacob, a Vietnam veteran whose experiences during the war result in strange flashbacks and weird hallucinations that constantly haunt him. As his ordeal worsens, Jacob is desperately trying to decipher reality and life and tell them apart from his delusions and dreams.

4. The Shinning (1980)


The best psychological thriller of all times is The Shining, directed by the incredible  Stanley Kubric and is based on the Stephen King’s 1977 novel of the same title. Jack Nicholson portrays Jack Torrance, a writer and recovering alcoholic. Jack accepts a job as the off-season caretaker of the isolated historic Overlook Hotel where evil spiritual presence influences the father into violence. On the other hand, his psychic son notices horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.

5. The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)


Another epic movie. This one is a must for all those who haven’t watched it. Jodie Foster portrays Clarice Starling, a young F.B.I. cadet, who must receive the help of a manipulative cannibal killer played by the amazing Anthony Hopkins to help catch another serial killer, a man who skins his victims.

6. American Psycho (2000)


Mary Harron directed this incredible movie that portrays a story of one very rich investment banking executive. Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a wealthy and painfully ambitious New Yorker who hides his alternate psychopathic ego from others as he dives deeper into his violent, hedonistic fantasies.

7. Black Swan (2010)


Personally, this is one of my favorite psychological thrillers. I highly recommend it to all those who haven’t watched it yet. Its story is about a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet by a New York City ballet company.  Natalie Portman portrays Nina Sayers. She is a very committed dancer and she wins the lead role in the production only to find herself struggling to maintain her sanity.

8. Vertigo (1958)


The brilliant Alfred Hitchcock directed and produced Vertigo. Its plot revolves around a San Francisco detective who suffers from acrophobia, John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson. He investigates the strange activities of an old friend’s wife. However, in the meantime, he becomes dangerously obsessed with her.

8. Insomnia (2002)


Al Pacino and Robin Williams portray two Los Angeles homicide detectives in the movie. They went to a northern town in order to investigate the methodical murder of a local teen.

10. Funny Games (1997)


Michael Haneke wrote and directed this Austrian psychological thriller film. This is a story about two young men who hold a father, mother, and son hostage in their vacation cabin and torture them with sadistic games.

11. Memento (2000)


Guy Pearce portrays a man who suffers from anterograde amnesia (inability to create new memories). And not only that but as a result of a past trauma, he also suffers from short-term memory loss. He is trying to find the men who murdered his wife. Using an intricate system of Polaroid photos and tattoos, he tracks information he cannot remember.

Source: 9Gag