You Might Need A PhD To Understand These 12 Amazing Science Nerd Tattoos

Nowadays more and more people choose to express themselves and their love and affection towards something by getting a tattoo. Some choose small or minimalistic and interesting ones and others bigger and more intensive or colorful ones.

People who are science enthusiasts choose to express their love towards science with interesting and unique tats with funny meanings. These nerdy science tats are a pretty cool way to show off your IQ as well as express your personality at the same time. For some of them, people would need a Ph.D. to decipher but you would definitely manage to get them wonder what on Earth does that tattoo mean.

Undoubtedly, there are perfect and baddass science tattoos like pulsar maps and equations which make great patterns or have a profound meaning for the person who chose it.

No matter the reason these nerdy ink jobs are beyond awesome, unique and revolutionary. Scroll down in order to see some of the coolest ones, courtesy of Ranker.

1. Change over time


Photo: f*ckyeahmathandsciencetattoos/via Tumblr

A few tats in the world are this simple, yet profound.

2. Darwin’s tattoo of evolution


Photo: Pinterest

The Darwin’s theory of natural selection turned out to be a great inspiration for this tattoo artist. Plus, aesthetically on point, too.

3. Pulsing pulsar map


Photo: Fashionably Geek/via Pinterest

The map which was designed by Carl Sagan is meant to be a universal way of showing “directions” to Earth for aliens who may encounter the probe.

4. Schrödinger’s Cat-tat


Photo: f*ckyeahmathandsciencetattoos/via Tumblr

Schrödinger’t cat was an experiment which was devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. This cool tat visually manages to grasp the idea.

5. We are all made of stars (and acid)


Photo: f*ckyeahmathandsciencetattoos/via Tumblr

Two in one tattoo that is an amino acid sequence from one side, and from the other side it spells out  “Iamstarstuff”

6. Drake’s extraterrestrial equation


Photo: f*ckyeahmathandsciencetattoos/via Tumblr

Well, even though you might not be an equations enthusiast but it is actually a formula that calculates the odds of finding life beyond Earth. Pretty neat and amazing.

7. Cross sections


Photo: Pinterest

Science tats for the scientists too. This geological cross-section belongs to geologist Helen Malendas.

8. Bicycling motion in motion


Photo: Pinterest

A physicist figured out a formula which represents the forces behind bicycling. Also, he had it printed on the leg that he uses to put that theory into motions.

9. Planetary projection


Photo: Mental Floss Magazine/via Pinterest

This is an amazing Afrocentric projection of Earth inked on the back. Pretty cool.

10. High-tech hip tat


Photo: The Guardian/via Pinterest

Tattoo of an isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Come again. A what? Whatever that means looks pretty awesome on chemist Paula Zelanko’s hip.

11. Science and religion


Photo: Pinterest

One physics teacher who studies world religion too has inked her body with a great synchronization of the two passions, combining a delta symbol and some mathematical formulas.

12. I See You


Photo: f*ckyeahmathandsciencetattoos/via Tumblr

A pretty badass and profound tattoo, expressing big topic: it is the universe, observing itself.

Source: ranker

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