12 Clever Places To Get To Get A Tattoo If You Want To Keep It A Secret

Tattoos are a unique form of individual expression that many people admire and would love to get and also show off but unfortunately, there are jobs and lifestyles that prevent us from having grant pieces of art on our bodies no matter how much we want that. There is still an option to keep the tattoo secret in a way by strategically placing it somewhere on your body where it won’t be on a display such as behind your ear on the inside of your lips.

A few of these clever places to get a tattoo may come as a surprise. You can even hide it on your neck or under your hair. That way you would get a tattoo that will be discreet and will save you from awkward conversations with your relatives or parents. A lot of celebs have tattoos in these tat locations and it looks actually pretty amazing and cool.

Here are 12 clever hidden tattoo places to get inked, courtesy of Ranker.

1. The basic ankle

2. Along your ribcage

3. The side of your foot

4. The back of your neck

5. The bottom of your foot

6. Behind your ear

7. The inside of your finger

8. The underboob

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9. The inside of your ear

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10. The inside of your wrist

11. The inside of your biceps

12. The inside of your lips

Source: Ranker