12+ Disastrous Beauty Blunders That Broke Us

Trying to be pretty is a lot of hard work. Sometimes we go above and beyond just to look like 0.00001% prettier. And, sometimes it all goes in vain. Nobody ever notices it. And sometimes you get the dreaded ‘You look tired today’ which is a code word for ‘u look like you-know-what.’ And sometimes, trying to look better, costs us.

We can’t all shape a perfect brow, have the perfect hairstyle or do the perfect manicure, but what we do best is enjoy the mishaps of ourselves and others. It certainly makes us feel better about not slaying the game 24/7 or bo 10/10.

From ‘shaved eyebrows’ to having two pairs of eyes, see below 15 situations when ‘beauty’, one of the most coveted things in the world, got us into trouble.



1. Not all trollers have eyebrows. I mean, they do, they just love trolls.

Source: Twitter | @katietalbert63


2. So, how’s life going? Me:

Source: YouTube | Fun Magnet


3. Sorry, Riri! But if this becomes a trend, I won’t follow it. RIP skinny eyebrows! No way!

Source: Twitter | @iamLollyhd


4. If you’re going to drop your makeup, do it gracefully. I’m going to try this purposely.

Source: Instagram | @elizabethhavsavage


5. Nose stuffed with eyelash extensions if you want to suffocate yourself.

Source: Twitter | @iamtay_tay


6. If teeth belong in one place only, that should be your mouth.

Source: FML


7. This is giving me Van Gogh ‘The Starry Night’ chills. Though, 10 points go to the eyeliner!

Source: Instagram | @elmy_canada


8. From wavy eyebrows to wavy lips.

Source: Instagram | @microblading_innsbruck_tirol


9. “Let us do your makeup,” they said. “It’ll be so much fun,” they said. It was fun, though. To them, only.

Source: Reddit | charliemarkert


10. Because I am a unicorn. That’s why!

Source: Instagram | @ilonarah


11. When your nails are corny and you know it.

Source: Instagram | @peggynoland


12. Dyeing your own hair before an important event = not a good idea.

“#hairdyefail #notetoself DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR BY YOURSELF THE NIGHT BEFORE A BUSINESS TRIP!!! And YES that is green – how the hell did that even happen?? 😠😠😠”

Source: Instagram | @miacarin


13. Stay away from the water marbling! Unless you want to polish all of your fingers.

beauty fails

Source: Twitter | @glittery_summer


14. The paint is equivalent to when you finish with your mascara and suddenly have to sneeze.

beauty fails

Source: Twitter | @twaydabae


15. ‘The eyes chico, they never lie.’ Well, not sure about these pairs.

beauty fails

Source: Instagram | @jenna_jennaholt

From: Diply


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