These 12 Easy Body Hacks Could Make Your Life Easier

One of the amazing things that is still kind of a mystery to the humanity is our body. It is an incredible machine which sometimes does weird, odd and inexplicable things. And sometimes they happen just when we at least expect them to.
Scroll down to see several body hacks that will help you when your body doesn’t act right, courtesy of Auntyacid.

1. Don’t freeze out, brain!

When you eat too much ice cream of if you want to taste an ice cube, you will start experiencing brain freeze. It will go away faster if you press the tongue against the roof of your mouth.

2. An annoying toothache.

Did you know that, according to a Canadian study, you can reduce your toothache by 50% if you hold an ice cube on the V-shaped area between the thumb and index finger! Try it next time when the pain in your teeth strikes.

3. Bless you!

Whenever you can’t stop sneezing, press your finger against the underside of the nose, where it meets the upper lip, just like in the picture.


4. Breathe clearly.

If you want to breathe more clearly start switching between pressing one finger in between your eyebrows and pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.


5. Sleep on the left side

Did you know this? In order to avoid bedtime heartburn, lie on your left side. It actually makes an incredible biological difference.

6. Bye, bye, hiccups!

Those annoying and never-ending hiccups… Well, in order to stop it, take a pen and put it on the back teeth. Bite gently and glug a glass of water. Arrivederci, hiccups.

7. Keep the knees up!

By elevating your knees when you sit on the toilet you will make pooping much easier.


8. Breathe. Easy

If you are stressed out and you are hyperventilating try the “square breathing.” First, breathe in on the count to three and hold it also on the count of three. Breathe out the same way and count to three before starting again.

9. Drown out the noise

I bet that until today you thought that weird flap on your ear called tragus is useless, right? Well, as it turns out it is very useful. In fact, you need to press down on it gently when you want to hear someone next to you while in a noisy room.


10. He’s lookin’ at you

If you’re on a computer all day, don’t forget to periodically focus on something in the distance, and close your eyes for a few moments whenever possible. This will help to avoid damage to your vision over time.

11. Sleepy head

Well, of course, most of us want to spend hours and hours sleeping. But, next time don’t take any electronic devices in bed with you since it will mean that your brain would associate the bed with sleeping and not with playing around with electronic devices.

12. Are you bored?

If you think that it is inappropriate to yawn in front of your boss and the boring meeting that is taking place, touch the tip of your tongue and that will stop the yawn.

Source: Auntyacid