Here Are 12 Exceptional And Stunning Scar Cover-Up Tattoos

The scars that we carry from life can be regarded as a reminder of what we have been through. A reminder that what we have survived is what made us stronger. Some people carry them from the outside, on their skin. Scars can have a history of burns, a history of a car accident, and so many things that we might not want to remember. And some of the individuals decide to have those scars inked. Whether for confidence or to emphasize them as a reminder of the battle they have won – these scars make the people who have them be stronger and more powerful.

On the other hand, some tattoo artists see the scars as greater inspiration and challenge for them. Floral cover-ups, jelly, seashell and feather inspired tattoos are just some of them. They have mastered the ink art so well that you wouldn’t notice any scar.

1. An amazing colorful flower/branch  cover-up tat

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2. This is incredibly cool. No one could tell there is a scar below the beautiful seashell tattoo.

3. A stunning colorful flower cover-up piece

4. Truly impressive ink job.

5. A remarkable ink transformation. There is no sign of a scar there with this floral back tat.

Multi surgery scar coverup. Bit bloody but you get the idea

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6. A beautiful flower belt cover-up tat for the scars on the belly

7.  Magical transformation. The patterns of the tattoo are strategically placed

8. Greatly covered marks with this amazing watercolor tat

9. A badass Star Wars cover-up tat. So creative and cool.

10. A splendid colorful jellyfish cover-up for the belly scar.

11. Impressively creative cover-up. Beautiful

12. Realistic feather cover-up tat. Lovely.

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