12 Home Hacks To Make Your Life Easier In A Few Minutes

Is cleaning the entire house always on your to-do list, every single day? No matter how hard you try, there are just so many things that need your attention. Your kids, the pile of laundry, and that unfinished book are still waiting, and you can still hopelessly spend an entire hour of wasted scrolling on your Facebook feed. If you want to be more productive with little effort, check out these tips and tricks to make your life easier within a few minutes.

Thankfully, here is the awesome world of life hacks that you can always turn to when you are all stressed out. Here are 12 home hacks that will make you feel great today, courtesy of Diply.

1. Control the flow

Use a fork to poke a few holes in the seals for dressings, oils, or syrups. In this way, you can control just how much liquid comes out of that bottle and avoid those messy spills, too.


Source: One Good Thing

2. Easy cleanup

Drill a hole in the wall neatly by placing a folded Post-it note underneath. Awesome!


Source: Life Hacker

3. Save some space

Your closet is always full of clothes, but this hack can help you save some space. Use pop tabs to hang clothes together in a waterfall way.


Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

4. Party Snacks

You could use a regular serving plate to display your delicious homemade treats, but you can also use a colorful picture frame tray instead! Very fancy!


Source: Ruffled

5. Fry those eggs perfectly

They will be perfectly round if you just use a simple Mason jar lid as a ring! The lids will also help you separate the eggs in the pan.


Source: TipHero

6. Use balsamic vinegar for your hard-boiled egg

If you enjoy a hard-boiled egg and you want to make sure you don’t eat a raw one instead, add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to the water. It makes such a difference!


Source: One Good Thing

7. Color coordinated

If you decide to paint your room, help yourself by dipping a wooden stir stick into the paint to create a swatch. Also, write the name and the number of the color as well as the room. It’s always good to have something like this stored for the future, too!


Source: Martha Stewart

8. Muffin tins for peppers

The next time you want to make delicious stuffed peppers, use a muffin tin to have them standing upright and perfectly baked.


Source: Better Recipes

9. Perfectly-popped popcorn

Before popping, soak popcorn kernels in a bowl of water for a couple of minutes. This will speed up the process of popping!


Source: One Good Thing

10. Slip prevention

To prevent your cutting board from slipping and sliding, put a sheet of damp paper towel underneath it. This one is definitely a must of you are working with sharp knives!


Source: For The Love Of Food

11. Save that soap

To stop your kids from using too much soap, wrap an elastic band around the top half of the pump in order to shorten it. Easy breezy!


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

12. Cupcake magic

If your cupcakes and muffins are always flat-topped, use this excellent baking tip.


Source: Kelly Neil

Here are some more money-saving hcks for your home.

From: diply

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