You Might Not Know These 12 Interesting Facts About Your Mouth

The human body still hides marvelous and amazing secrets that most people don’t know.


One part that we still don’t know much about is the mouth. We use it for a lot of things; for eating, drinking and talking and we haven’t actually done a lot of talking about it.


Be smarter and embrace some interesting facts about your body.


Scroll down to learn some incredible and amazing facts about your mouth, courtesy of Auntyacid.

1. Read inside your lips

The lips have a completely different color than the rest of the parts of our face. The reason for that is because the lips are made differently than the rest of the face. The rest of the skin is made of three layers such as dermis, epidermis, and the stratum corneum. But, the lips are made only of one thin layer. That’s why the flesh tone is way more visible and gives the lips that magnificent blush tone.

2. Water (H2O)


Ironically, we need water in order to taste anything, even though the water itself is tasteless. Eating with a dry mouth you won’t be able to taste a lot. This is because the taste buds are able to pick up chemicals like salt and sugar and they are dissolved in the saliva.

3. French kiss on French


The French kiss got the English name at the end of the 20th century when France was regarded as a cesspool of sexual practices. However, The Petit Robert 2014 French dictionary added the verb “se galocher,” to kiss with tongue. Did you know that before this it was called “A lover’s kiss” or un baiser amoureux or “A kiss with tongue” un baiser avec la langue?

4. The French kiss print


This one is incredible. If you thought that just your fingers have unique prints you are wrong. It turns out that just like fingerprints, the lips have a unique set of prints as well.

5. Chew it over


The digestive system starts right there in the mouth. The saliva in the mouth breaks down the carbohydrates which helps food travel to the stomach.

6. Down the hole


Did you know that if you choke on food it can go down in the wrong pipe? The epiglottis closes over the windpipe in order to stop food from going into the respiratory system. However, it is not foolproof, especially when swallowing liquids.

7. X marks the spot


Did you know since when do we use the XO’s at the end of the letter? They date back to Medieval Europe when they weren’t able to read or write. They signed the documents with an X and then kissed it in order to show their affection.

8. Tasty


Did you know that actually, the tongue is not the only part of the human body that has taste buds? Around 8 000 taste-buds are located on the tongue and 2 000 are on the roof of the mouth, the cheeks and the lips.

9. Hold your tongue


The tongue is not only the strongest muscle in the body but also the strangest. It is actually made of eight muscles. Four of them are intrinsic muscles that change the tongue’s shape and the other four are extrinsic muscles which change its position.

10. Kiss and tell


The study that tried to find out the purpose of kissing was called “Examining the Possible Functions of Kissing in Romantic Relationships.” Even though the researchers didn’t find a lot of evidence, they had found out that the kissing is sort of “mate assessment test,” where people are probably figuring out if a potential mater is worth their time.

11. The pearls of wisdom


There was a time in the past when the wisdom teeth were used for grinding tougher foods food like nuts and the roots. However, nowadays, they are apparently only useful to get people to say weird and funny things while being under dental anesthetic.

12. A delicate touch


Did you know that the lips have more touch receptors than any other part of the body? This makes them the most sensitive part of the human body.

Source: auntyacid

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