12 Makeup Tricks And Hacks You Should Not Do

No matter how much we all want it, there is no shortcut to beauty. You need to implement some important habits in order to have a radiant complexion, such as working out, drinking water, moisturizing and using products recommended by dermatologists. However, most of us are guilty of trying at least one makeup hack recommended by beauty vlogers and have regretted it immediately.

Here are some beauty mistakes and risky shortcuts you should avoid, compiled by Ranker. 


1. Applying Wasabi as an acne spot treatment


Photo: Farah Dhukai/Instagram

It’s quite obvious that something that burns your mouth should not get anywhere near your sensitive, acne-prone skin. However, a lot of people tried this trick after Instagrammer Farah Dhukai shared a video of her performing the DIY that has over million views. You should know that wasabi doesn’t have any anti-acne properties.

2. Swapping eyeliner for a sharpie


Photo:  xoVain/via YouTube

Apparently, Taylor Swift uses a sharpie instead of an eyeliner. However, a sharpie is not a makeup tool and you should not use it around sensitive regions like your eyes.

3. Subbing deodorant for primer


Photo: s_hossine/Instagram

You might have seen beauty bloggers advising rubbing deodorant on your face to prevent excess shine but this might not be the best decision. According to experts, it could cause irritation and acne.

4. Dabbing on nail polish to cover cold sores


Photo: oliveskinbeauty/Instagram

You should treat cold sores not cover them. According to the American Contact Dermatitis Society, clear nail polish might contain nickel, a common allergen which will only make things worse.

5. Applying cinnamon face masks


Photo: EnjoyPhoenix/YouTube

French YouTube vlogger EnjoyPhoenix shared a video where she uses cinnamon in her face mask. But, you should be aware that cinnamon is a spice that will irritate your skin.

6. Setting your makeup with hairspray


Photo: NikkeTutorials/YouTube

When you don’t have makeup fixing spray a lot of bloggers will tell you to use hairspray to keep your makeup in place. However, hairsprays contain alcohol that will irritate your skin and might even cause acne.

7. Using elmer’s glue as a face mask


Photo: Tasmin Dhaliwal/YouTube

Charcoal masks have become very popular recently. However, mixing Elmer’s glue with charcoal and applying it to your face will be very painful to remove, plus it will clog your pores even more.

8. Using petroleum jelly to grow lashes


Photo: The Acne Channel/YouTube

There are a lot of reason why you should not use petroleum jelly to make your lashes grow. It might cause cysts under the eyes and it might be cancerous since is not as purified as Vaseline.

9. Rubbing on lemon and baking soda to brighten your armpits


Photo: Unknown/Pixabay/CC0

Even though the mixture of lemon and baking soda might make your armpits a shade lighter, it will burn your skin. Plus, using baking soda might be dangerous since it is known to cause rashes and dry skin.

10. Applying toothpaste as a zit spot treatment


Photo: lisbug/YouTube

Pretty much all of us are guilty of this one. And using toothpaste on your acne might get rid of the spot but it will irritate the surrounding skin since it contains peppermint, peroxide, fragrances, and alcohol.

11. Lathering on DIY sea salt scrubs


Photo: The Skinny Scout/Pinterest

They might look adorable, and they’ve been popular on Pinterest lately, but be careful since the sea salt will scratch your skin and cause micro-abrasions. The pilling with these might not be worth it after all.

12. Using dental floss to get rid of blackheads


Photo: Sukhi Mann/Instagram

Dental floss should be used for cleaning your teeth, not your pores. The vlogger Sukhi Mann posted this beauty hack on Instagram, but this trick will open up your pores to infections.

Source: ranker

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