12 People Whose Priorities Are More Than Perfect

Let’s talk about priorities. What is the ultimate priority for you? Is it a cup of warm coffee and a good book or ten hours of reality TV before you go to bed? For some, it’s hard to choose priorities in life and manage it like a pro. Sometimes, priorities put so much pressure on you that you can’t really escape. Here are some people whose priorities are dreamy and perfect, on the other hand. Check out these 12 pictures compiled by Diply and try not to feel sorry these are not your priorities.

1. This vending machine might be a nightmare to some. For you, it might as well be your most important priority.

Let me just reach all those Funyuns.


Reddit | rbards

2. This Uber driver who has a NES set up in the back of his car knows his life priorities.


Reddit | okdiv

3. Is this the laziest but most comfortable job in the world?

This guy who sells coffee casually out of his car is on my priorities list for real! He knows exactly how you feel every morning.


Reddit | stevoscareo

4. Real friendship does not know any limits.

This man will stop at nothing to greet his buddy.


Reddit | takk_88

5. Here comes the greatest potato.

It’s not even important if it came from one potato or more.


Reddit | Techenaut

6. This hotel that knows too well that many people loves to steal toiletries.

Are there any shampoos and conditioners left?


Reddit | 10585900

7. This pizza place does not joke about bacon.

It’s all about that bacon! Bacon is some people’s first priority.

Reddit | umichscoots

8. This guy, who knows that this creepy van is not a fan of anyone.

That’s the kind of spirit we should all have.


Reddit | KeysandClicks

9. This presenter know that appearance is half of his presentation.

The tie is the key!


Reddit | lingoatt

10. This person who obviously knows carbs are key.

Carbs can be the life of someone.


Reddit | OneHotCoffee

11. When you are absolutely bored of a yellow pineapple.

So you take a pink one as your priority instead.


Reddit | Redmarkred

12. For some, even scented soap is priority.

Cheers to the manager of this restaurant!


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Source: Diply