12 Photos Of Celebrities Behaving Unexpectedly

Celebrity obsession is real. Some people just can’t get enough of them. But these people did a lot before becoming what they are today. People are so used to seeing their favorite celebrities in a certain signature way, that they re shocked to see what they looked like in the past or act unexpectedly. Here is a collection of celebrities behaving just like ordinary human beings before becoming famous. This list, compiled by Auntyacid shows many different sides to their personality, which will give you a slight shock and tremble.


1. Martin Luther King playing pool


One of the most important and iconic people of the 20th century was also a pool lover. He was quite good at shot positioning, too! Look at that move!

2. Stephen Hawking on his special day


The world-famous scientist has been suffering from ALS since the 1960s. Yet, although he was barely able to move or speak, he has achieved more than anyone ever could. Not to mention he is still strong today. In the picture above, he is getting married to his first wife, Jane.

3. The young Clintons


Here they are, a young college couple, decades before hey became what they became. You gotta love them!

4. Hitler in his young days


Even when dashing through the snow, he still looks strict, just like during all of his speeches.

5. Young Joe Stalin


Although he as a tyrant, he does look quite dashing as a young man. ANdm then, this is how he ended up looking.


6. Michael Jordan in college


Michael Jordan was probably the greatest athlete ever. But who knew he was also a nerd and eccentric in his 80s college days?

7. Young Eminem


He is still breaking the rules of everything through his lyrics nowadays, but looks like a sweet and innocent boy in that photo above. Look at that t-shirt!

8. Kurt Cobain eating an entire pizza


Here is the famous musician who took his life in 1994. Kurt is seen eating a whole pizza like no other man can.

9. Einstein relaxing in the sun


The geniuses also need to relax every once in a while.

10. Winston Churchill in his bathing suit


When he wasn’t saving Europe from the Nazis, Churchill loved a good dip in the water.

11. Young Al Trebek


Alex Trebek is best known for being the host of the quiz show Jeopardy! Look at how cool he looks like in that photo above!

12. When two worlds blend in


Here he is, Colonel Sanders, hanging out with Alice Cooper backstage.

Source: auntyacid

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