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12 Secret Things Many Men Love To Do Same As Women

12 Secret Things Many Men Love To Do Same As Women

For eons, gender stereotypes have grown their roots in society, infusing thoughts that men and women come from completely different planets. Men being represented as tough and strong, carrying so fundamentally different tasks compared to women’s, which were considered as fragile and delicate, able to handle only a box of diapers, dustpans, mops, pans, and pots. So we have been raised thinking it’s us versus them, and that our duties and tasks are restrained from our gender.

Well, the battle to fight such stereotypes has begun and is still going on. So it’s not anymore the case of women versus men, right? At least, it should not be seen as such. The truth is, we’re not that different. Apart from the general physical differences, there are many things we have in common and many aspects towards which we have the same stance.

Let us show you that how considering ‘gender’ as an indicator of our capabilities (outside of our physical strength derived from our body anatomies given from nature) is futile. So below we have listed some of many things which men love the same as women.


1. Cooking

It’s odd that a huge part of the world still considers home-cooking to be a woman’s job. But, when you look at the professional level, restaurant kitchens are filled with male chefs. So, clearly cooking is not an ability attached to your gender, therefore men don’t lack the ability to cook. I know many men who have brushed up their kitchen skills and even cook in their day-to-day lives.



2. Cleaning

Part of becoming a man is picking up after yourself. Cleaning techniques are not something you’re born with either, that’s why men not knowing how to clean is a big myth. A lot of men have a keen eye for detail and take care of keeping their place clean, tidy, and organized.



3. Cuddling

Who said women are the only ones who love to cuddle? Many may think that men are always on the lookout for jumping to third base, but that’s no the case. So, in case you think we are about to pop your bubble, well… we are. Just as much as women, men love to spend time cuddling and sharing hugs and kisses.



4. Romantic Dinners

Scented candles and good food accompanied by some beautiful notes of music on the background, makes the perfect romantic date which both men and women will enjoy.



5. Dressing up

Should dressing up be something divided by gender? Is there anyone not wanting to look after themselves, not wanting to look good? Is that a ‘NO’? There are many men who are obsessed with their outfit, perfume or their sunglasses collection more than women, and that is just normal. So no, women are not the only ones who like to dress up.



6. Kids

We have been witnesses of many pictures and memes of men not knowing how to take care of children. I think we are ready to bust this myth. Yes, they can be great with kids, too. So, not only they can be all hilarious and funny with them around, but actually, they can be very protective and caring.



7. Desserts

I don’t really get why desserts could be associated with women only. You wanna know who is the most hardcore fan of desserts, especially cakes? A coworker, here at MetDaan. Oh, and by the way, he is a guy.



8. Grooming

Same as being careful with our haircut appointments, men also make rounds to the parlors to pamper themselves. A beard can’t look good in its own, girl! But, haircuts and shaves are not the only reason they visit the salons. There are men who love manicures, pedicures, waxing and what else.



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9. Getting emotional during movies

You know at least one person who cries after watching emotional movies. I know many of them, and many are men. That doesn’t make them any different. That makes them humans. They are not creatures who lack feelings, you know?



10. Toiletries

There is ‘Men’ in ‘Women’ so no wonder both of the genders share their love for toiletries, like shower gels, bath bombs, shaving creams and much more.




Being human beings, men are also naturally needy and love being the center of attention. Despite trying to act macho and pretending they don’t need any kind of attention, the truth is, they do.



12. Staying Home

Most people think that the first thing men do when the weekend is around the corner is hit the club. The truth is, there are many of them who enjoy their staying home moments, watching a movie and petting their dog.



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