12+ Times Men Actually Had The Audacity

Ah men, we know them, we have them in our lives, but sometimes they make it really difficult not to cringe with their actions. They all seem to have the same ideas in their heads, not always good ones. But, one thing they do have is the audacity to put themselves in weird situations that leave us cringing for days. We can’t say that we’re surprised, we’re definitely not. However, we are truly disappointed with their life choices. Honestly, boys, you can do better, just level down the confidence in doing stuff like this!

Scroll down to see all the times men really had the audacity:

For example, this one dude who knew no boundaries, or relationship status.

1. This one man who tried to shoot his shot on this woman’s Anniversary picture.
Photo Credit: @HaileyEThomas / Twitter: @HaileyEThomas

Who would not want to get hit on their anniversary picture, right?


2. This man had a valid reason for not replacing the toilet paper roll:
Photo Credit: u/tegdirbm / reddit.com

A man who knows no fear, or has no ”toilet paper replacement” abilities!


3. This man showed up to a potluck and brought THIS:
Photo Credit: u/LadyMacDeath / reddit.com

THE WORST KIND OF GUEST… I mean, I could’ve invited McDonald’s to my party if I wanted their burgers.


4. This man really had the audacity to text this to his ex:
Photo Credit: @nicmaarie / @nicmaarie

Definitely what I would want my boyfriend to do, right before he proposed to me. #FiancéGoals


5. This man took his sisters words quite literally:

Photo Credit: QUEEN J
Seems like they got lost in translation… or it’s just a brotherly way to get on your last nerves!


6. This man is braver than anyone I’ve seen, or dumber.
Photo Credit: imgur.com / imgur.com

THE AUDACITY! I mean, how does he even dare! So mad right now!



7. This man told this girl he wouldn’t share his Disney+ account in the most peculiar way possible:

When you try your best but you don’t succeed! I mean, kudos to the artistry!

Source: ✨Beanie Babie


8. This delivery man is really salty about that response :

Photo Credit: ace

UberEats employers are getting sassy, I see.


9. We don’t even know what to say about this one.

Photo Credit: straight boy texts

Tragedy or loss, you got to shoot your shot, right? right? #Audacity


10. This man explained his students’ failure very literally:

Photo Credit: mario

Even the teachers have the audacity to sass!


11. This man really tried to keep his options open, wow!
Photo Credit: @Itschasenow / Twitter: @Itschasenow

How RUDE! These men really fear no one.


12. This man really went straight to the point. We wish he hadn’t:

Photo Credit: straight boy texts


13. This man judged his girlfriend’s new phone selfie:
Photo Credit: @ohmyyjess / @ohmyyjess

We can’t even get a new phone in peace. Would it kill them to give a compliment once in a while! SMH the audacity!


14. This man made an odd comparison between his girlfriend and a Spongebob character:

Photo Credit: tessa

I am honestly done, these are getting ridiculous.


15. This man… Well, we at least got to give it to him. He really tried, with 38 women, but he tried!
Photo Credit: u/ddh85 / reddit.com

A minute of silence for a fallen soldier. Twitter really did him dirty this time.