13 Hilarious Christmas Movies That Will Put You In The Holiday Spirit

That wonderful time of the year is coming! I don’t know what makes me more excited, the family dinners, the presents, or the Christmas lights. Or is it all the funny Christmas movies I watch each year? If you are a real Christmas lover, then you must have seen several of the most popular Christmas movies at least once. If you need a reminder of what to watch first for the following holidays, here is a list of the best ones. J-14 has helped you make a list for the hilarious movie marathon!


There are so many to choose from!

1. Elf


In case you need a reminder of the story, here it is. Buddy the Elf leaves the North Pole to pursue other ventures. He goes on to meet his birth father, who also happens to be a grumpy old man who doesn’t believe in Christmas.

2. The Santa Clause


When the real Santa falls off Scott Calvin’s roof, Scott Calvin’s forced by the elves to become the real Santa. He is not so happy with that.

3. Home Alone


Are you not in love with this movie? Kevin McAllister is a little smart kid whose parents left him home alone by accident. The entire family went on vacation in Paris for the holidays. However, just because Kevin had an argument with his mom the night before, he thinks it’s his fate. Meanwhile, local burglars want to break into his house, but he bravely confronts them in a hilarious way.

4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas


Jake has only a few days to go back to the East coast for Christmas if he wants his father to gift him the family sports car. However, things get complicated when some annoying bullies leave him stranded in the desert. He only has a Santa suit to help him.

5. Jingle All the Way


One dad is always late to every school event but wants to win his super dad title back by finding his son’s perfect present. This is actually a Turbo Man action figure.

6. Christmas With The Kranks


Their daughter joins the Peace Corp, so the Kranks decide to skip Christmas. They had already spent all their money on everything else, but then find out their daughter decides to come back for Christmas. Then they need to rush to get everything ready.

7. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Whenever the Griswolds get together, it’s crazy around the house. Also, the extended family is coming for Christmas, too, so this is enough to drive Clark Griswold literally insane!

8. A Dennis the Menace Christmas


Mr. Wilson plays his own version of Ebenezer Scrooge in this homage to A Christmas Carol.

9. A Christmas Story


The movie follows the holiday adventures of Ralphie as he tries to convince the adults that a B.B. gun is his perfect Christmas gift.

10. Deck the Halls


The movie centers on a classic neighbors’ feud over Christmas decorations.

11. The Family Stone


Meredith accompanies her fiancé to his family’s home for the holidays. However, she realizes there hat she does not fit in at all.

12. Just Friends


Chris Brander revisits his hometown for the holidays. He aims to win over his high school best friend’s heart.

13. Four Christmases


Both of their parents are divorced, so one couple has to survive four Christmas celebrations with each of their happily moved-on parents.

Here are some funny Christmas gifts for your beloved one.

Source: j-14