13 Truly Clever And Genius Things That Your Kitchen Needs

The kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that always needs improvement. No matter if you have just moved to a new house or apartment, or if you have lived there for a long time, the kitchen is always in need of some updating and upgrading. There are always those little things that you could improve which can be life-changing for you.

Designworld has compiled a very helpful list of ideas that will help you organize your kitchen better and save some space as well.

1. A rack that stores your bin bags like kitchen roll

Storing your bin bags on rollers under the sink is not only neater but it allows you easier access.



2. Magazine files are perfect for organizing your water bottles

This is the ideal place to keep all those water bottles and thermoses. This is a simple and very practical way to do so. Plus, it saves you some space.



3. Use a set of skirt hangers to keep your chips nice and fresh

This is a great way to keep that half open bag of mega package chips fresh for tomorrow.


4. A cutting board scraps disposal station conveniently located in your kitchen drawer

Use one kitchen drawer as a cutting board and the one below it as disposal station drawer. No more mess.



5. Tiered drawer dividers

Well, this is simply genius, isn’t it? All the utensils inside one drawer can become total chaos and they never seem to be properly divided. In order to prevent a utensil avalanche, install these extra dividers. This cool two-in-one drawer will help you to keep your utensils organized.


6. Use an old cake stand as an elevated soap dish

Choose one cake stand that you don’t use anymore and organize your hand soap, dish soap, and sponges. 6


7. A charging station that’s both cute and handy

Choose one place where you can place a small basket and use it as a charging station for your family phones.7


8. Create a measuring cup system inside your cabinet

Transform the inside door of one of your cabinets into an ultimate measuring system. This will not only keep your cups for measurement organized, but the chalkboard will always remind you of those confusing measurement equivalents.



9. Extended cabinet space on wheels

How often have you wished to have some more space on your small kitchen island? This practical space-saving cart  is an excellent solution.



10. A hanging shoe rack for your cleaning supplies

Storing all the cleaning supplies can be really annoying. It seems like you can never find the right bottle right away, or you have to make a mess before finding it. Keeping them in a hanging shoe rack will not only save you some space but it will store them neatly and with greater accessibility. 10


11. A paper towel holder for your fake drawer

Make a paper towel holder in the part of the kitchen island that is allocated to fake drawers.



12 A pop-up outlet station so you can finally use appliances on your island

Where are you supposed to plug in the blender, the coffee machine, the toaster, microwave? Install a pop-up outlet station so you can always have extra power sources.



13. A sliding rack that holds your pots and pans under the sink

This genius sliding rack will keep your pots and pans always be organized and also saving you some space in the cabinets.


From: designworld

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