13 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Did you know that there are some mistakes that we do when it comes to makeup that actually make us look older?  Many techniques might accidentally highlight your wrinkles, bring out your fine lines and focus everything that you are actually trying to hide.


Take a look at this picture. There is a big difference, right? If you think that you are making some mistakes regarding the makeup,  don’t worry there are some solutions. Ranker has compiled the following tips and tricks will help you avoid repeating these mistakes.

You would be surprised how some small details can give you more vibrant and younger look.

1. Overly darkening your eyebrows

Even though you want to make your eyebrows fuller with eyeliner, applying too much color can make your brows look drawn on.
Instead of using an eyeliner, which is darker and stronger, use and eyebrow pencil. It will be close to your natural brow’s shade. You don’t want the cartoon brow, do you?

2. Caking on too much concealer

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Balance is the key. If you apply too much concealer in order to cover the lines around your eyes you will manage to have the opposite effect. You will highlight them instead of covering them. So, constantly keep your area around the eyes moisturized. Plus, when choosing a concealer always choose a lighter one that matches your foundation and apply only to the darker inner corners of the eyes.

3. Layering mascara on the lower lashes

Applying a heavy mascara on your lower lashes is not such a good idea. Especially, if you have lighter ones. It might create smears that mimic dark circles below the eyes. If you don’t want to skip the step entirely, go with simply applying a light layer of mascara that can be also waterproof.

4. Overly lining your lower lid

Even though the heavy lining on your lower lids could make you look more confident it actually makes your eyes look much smaller. Next time line the lid lightly or apply it only to the top lid using a thin line of brown eyeshadow on the lower one.

5. Overlining your lips

It looks like it has been ages since the dark lip liner or liner without the addition of lipstick is off the trend, right? Instead of using a heavy liner, use one that will match the color of your lipstick.

6. Using the wrong color of foundation

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Have you noticed that using a foundation that’s too light can draw attention to fine lines?
So, use sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of heavier ones. You can also choose a bit warmer shade, however, without overdoing it. If after blending the shade looks still unnatural you can mix the darker foundation with your shade before applying.

7. Neglecting your skincare routine

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No matter the makeup techniques and products you are using you will always have to take care of your skin first. Going to bed with makeup is the biggest mistake you can do. So, at least keep makeup removing toilettes next to your bed. Applying a sunblock creams and moisturizer is always a must!

8. Overloading on mascara

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Eyelashes lose the volume with time, but if you tend to repeat on and on applying mascara layers you will only get clumpy looking lashes. Instead, use an eyelash curler and curl your lashes for 15 seconds on each side before applying a few layers of mascara.

9. Applying blush too low

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It can be really tricky when choosing the right place for the blush. Also, it can give you a cartoonish look if you overdo it on the apples of your cheek. So, make sure it looks more natural. From now on, try swirling the brush over the upper parts of your cheekbones.

10. Piling 0n eyeshadow

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Overdoing with the eyeshadow will only weigh down your eyes and make the lids really oily. Instead, apply a thin layer of a primer which can help the shadow stay in place.

11. Stretching out your outer eye corners

If you stretch out your eyes in the attempt to get your wings even while applying eyeliner results actually in uneven and jagged lines.
Next time you apply the eyeliner, look down instead or closing your eyes one at a time. That will help you have a smoother line with no unfilled gaps.

12. Going overboard with glittery eyeshadow


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Using light-reflecting shadows will end up highlighting the eye creases. If you still want to use a bit of glitter, first apply matte shadow on your eyelids

13. Applying heavy lipstick

When it comes to accentuating laugh lines, applying dark and heavy lipstick won’t do the trick. Instead, go for a soft lip liner that is close to your natural shade and  add some light colored gloss.

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