These 14 ‘Friends’ Secrets Came Out After The Show Was Over

The epic and hilarious stories of the three men and three women who live in the same apartment complex in New York definitely left a warm imprint in our hearts. If you are a major enthusiast of the most amazing TV show Friends, you have probably watched all of the episodes. Twice. All ten seasons, twice, or three times. Ten times? Okay.

Their humor and friendship are always good at making you laugh and making you feel better.
However, after the end of the series, many secrets of the TV show came out that we didn’t know about. Scroll down and find out more about the most famous and funny group of friends in history of TV shows, courtesy Diply.

1. Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry  have admitted that they don’t watch the reruns.

Lisa explained that she has to be in a good mood for it. She said “If I’m in a bad mood, I’m not going to like seeing myself at all,”


Source: IMDb

2. Also, if they could go back they wouldn’t stop shooting after season ten.

Time machine, anyone, please?

Source: Neon Tommy

3. On The Late Late Show, Matt LeBlanc disclosed to James Corden that Joey didn’t always have his signature black hair.

He started to go gray around the temples so, he had to dye his hair black.


Once when he tried doing it at home and he came to work the next day with his ears black.


Source: Hello Giggles

4. While filming The One Where No One’s Ready, he revealed that he dislocated his shoulder during the scene where he had to jump into the armchair.

So, now you know why Joey had to wear a sling for the following episode!


Source: Friends Wiki

And not only that, they had shot that in front of a live audience and when it happened they first thought it was part of the scene. They were sent home because he was in a lot of pain.


5. Remember the episode where the girls were learning how to play poker?

The cast was actually learning in the director Jim Burrows’ dressing room and that’s what the episode was based on.


Source: MovieBoozer

6.  For the first years, the friends disclosed that they would hang together and watch the episodes as they aired


When Courteney Cox was on Seinfeld she suggested that they can help each other and everyone provide notes to help improve their characters.


Source: Sitcoms Online

7. When Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real-life she changed the story for Phoebe too.

She had her brother’s triplets!


Source: Quora

However, sometimes she had to wear padding when she needed to appear larger than she was.


Source: Zimbio

8. Matthew Perry revealed that he knew the show will be huge after filming The One With The Blackout.


Source: Friends Wiki

Being able to watch from afar, he realized that the show would be a huge success. He was totally right.


Source: Quora

9. Courteney has admitted that Matthew Perry gave her Monica’s personality for the 10 years they worked together.


10. All of  Matthew’s real-life friends were auditioning for the role of Chandler before he did.

Also, he was even giving them advice on the character for the audition.


Source: Vulture

But who can imagine someone else being Chandler?


The hairstylist was “loaded” when he gave Jennifer a haircut, according to Jennifer.


11. Jennifer revealed that it was difficult to film a comedy show in front of a life audience.


Source: We Minored In Film

12. At the beginning, Lisa Kudrow had a hard time remembering the name of her costars.

She knew Cox because “she was the famous one”. Also, she admitted forgetting Jennifer’s last name.


Source: The Debrief

She has referred to her only as “Jennifer Not Anderson”.


13. Cox has disclosed that Monica sometimes was pretty annoying for her.

Even though she liked that Monika was funny, she admitted that she would never get excited over a label marker like her.


14. The cast was making an incredible one million dollars an episode each.


Source: IMDb

You probably missed them too much by now. Grab some popcorn and go for a full Friends marathon.

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