14 Wonderful Photos That Show The Amazing Power Of Genes

Ah, genetics – the one science that may hold all the secrets about humanity and maybe one day – soon – help us achieve our wildest dreams. Like, you always wanted to fly? Don’t worry, here, take this shot of this DNA-altering substance that will make you grow wings! Then you can practice your flying skills and learn to fly!

Sigh. A man can dream, I suppose. But it will be possible, one day. Provided we don’t destroy ourselves by then of course… If you don’t believe me, today we’ll remind you how powerful and awesome genetics is. From inheritance, to specific traits that genes regulate, AuntyAcid has made collected a genetic portfolio that has it all!

1. The power of inheritance: they’re actually twin brothers


2. And these ladies are twin sisters


3. The blueness of eyes, or any eye color in fact, is regulated by genes


4. Birthmarks are so common that even unrelated people have them


5. Sometimes, the genes of the ancestor color everyone down the line


6. These pairs of twins married each other – and had children of the opposite sex!


7. Distichiasis – the condition where some people have two sets of lashes


8. The largest family of albino people is actually in India


9. When a person has eyes of different colors, it’s called heterochromia


10. Heterochromia can sometimes occur in each eye


11. The parents of these sisters come from Ireland and Italy. Which one got whose genes, can you guess?


12. “I am not an albino, and I am not a Melanesian. I am a light-eyed, light-haired, and dark-skinned person. I do exist.”


13. We have written about Britain’s exquisite twins before!


14. Genes can even make you have colorful whiskers – like a cat!


Source: auntyacid

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