These Are The Top 15 Celebrity Yoga Pants Fails

Besides being really comfortable and cozy, yoga pants can be truly tricky to wear sometimes. They sensually hug your body almost as if they’re paint and if you aren’t, careful it can reveal more than you might want them to.
We really love seeing our beloved celebrities wearing casual clothes, especially yoga pants. However, sometimes they can fail spectacularly when doing so. Scroll down to see these celebrity-yoga fails, courtesy of Meaww.

1. Anne Hathaway


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Maybe you should just change your pants after sweating in the gym, simply in order not to reveal more than what you want.

2. Paris Hilton


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The blouses don’t always cover you, but, you know, you do move sometimes and reveal your butt, which you thought was perfectly covered. That is if you wanted it covered in the first place.

3. Blac Chyna


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Of course, those amazing buttcheeks look just perfect in denim maybe but not truly adequate for those yoga pants.

4. Kelly Brooke


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Yes, she looks wonderful in these purple yoga pants, but if only she didn’t have to walk.A piece of advice, look in the mirror before you leave the house.

5. Iggy Azalea


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The famous Australian singer doesn’t really care what part of the body is staring back at the cameras. At least she has a toned body.

6. Kim Kardashian


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Kim doesn’t really care, right? At the end of the day, if you got it, flaunt it.

7. Kylie Jenner


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Kylie looking amazing and sexy as always. But, wait, wait. How about a different pair of pants?

8. Lil’ Kim


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While other celebrities wear the comfy yoga pants on the streets, Lil Kim wore them on the stage! This is a new level of not caring.

9. Lisa Rinna


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Of course, no one should tell you what to wear or what to do, but a different pair of pants would be better.

10. Mariah Carey


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The Touch My Body singer has revealed maybe more parts of the body than she should. In public, and with clothes on.

11. Mickey Rourke


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Who said that only female celebrities failed while wearing yoga pants? Maybe Mickey should let go of those yoga pants after all.

12. Chloe Grace Moretz


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Chloe is a badass, flaunting her sexy and toned body. But maybe a different choice of pants would be better.

13. Christina Milian


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We salute the wish and the dedication to run so much, however, wearing an underwear while you do so, is essential.

14. Shia LaBeouf


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We don’t have any problem if a man wears pink yoga pants. However, if you’re gonna do, at least do it properly.

15. Sofia Vergara


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What is visible is visible. The star of Modern Family really doesn’t care if parts of her reveal themselves without her knowing. We won’t complain.

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