15 Cool DIY Projects Using Colorful Sharpies

Sharpies are the ultimate permanent markers and highlighters that can change your simple, dull object into really fun and unique one. You can use them in decorating some items in your house, the kid’s lunch bag, and even your phone case. These markers are magical and permanent. So, put your creative and crafty mood on and let’s start. Here are some Sharpie DIY ideas, courtesy of Diply.

1. Bag of tricks

Sharpies would give a totally new and fun look to those zip-lock baggies. Get inspired and draw on! Also, you can use them as snack bags or gift bags.



2. Go to town on the tiles

You can use the magical Sharpies to create different and interesting designs for the white tiles and install them in the kitchen or in the bathroom.


MakezineCraft Shack Chronicles

3. Design your own wallet

Take your wallet and make yourself a unique design with these fun markers, since they can write and color on anything. Yes, even on your wallet.

Love Maegan

4. Hit the bottle

Don’t throw away your bottles. Now you can recycle them with an interesting Sharpie-design.



5. Step up to the plate

This is an amazing idea. Write down some of your favorite quotes on a white plate. Bake the plate in the oven at 425 degrees for half an hour in order to make sure that the design doesn’t wash off.


Lindsay Ostrom

6. Plug away at this

Transform all of those boring white light switches into cool Sharpie masterpieces. You can also mark your phone charger with a special design.


PinterestShaken TogetherPinterest

7. You have a new phone, don’t you ?

You can create a different Sharpie design for your phone case every month. You could draw some colorful pattern, write down a message or even draw your favorite cartoon character.

Pics HouseExpect The Unexpected With Denise

8. Raise a glass

Have an amazing party with unique glasses. Create Sharpie designs and bake the flasses in the oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes. Cheers.


Diyn CraftsThe Believe BlogWith Lovely

9. A tie-dye Sharpie shirt

Make an awesome tie-dye shirt using a Sharpie. Start with drawing the design and after that drip drops of rubbing alcohol. After the shirt is dry just iron the shirt and you are ready to go.


Meatloaf And Melodrama

10. Shine your true colors

Well, this one is amazing. Choose your favorite Sharpie colors and color the outside of a light bulb. When you turn on the light the colors will radiate to all corners of the room.

Crafts All Over

11. Draw on the furniture

Give your old furniture a fresher look by choosing two Sharpie colors and an interesting design. Also, you can let your kids color chairs in their rooms. They would love this.


Sea Of Shoes

12. Take a mug shot

Get a white mug and create a fun unique design, but remember to bake it for 30 minutes at 450 degrees.



13. Color outside the lines

Give your white sinkers a brand-new cosmic vibe using the Sharpies. They can be tie-dyed like your shirt, but instead of ironing put them in your dryer for 15 minutes.



14. Sharpie show laces

Create some colorful and fun patterns for the white shoelaces too.



15. Bowl them over

Create your own set of bowels using some interesting designs. When you are finished coloring with the Sharpies simply bake the bowls in the oven for half an hour at 450 degrees.

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Source: Diply