These 15 Easy Dollar Store Hacks Are Borderline Genius

Where do you go when you need something cheap and useful that you wouldn’t find anywhere else? The dollar store, of course. Then you can use these handy hacks compiled by Diply, enhance what you have bought and also save some money in the process. It’s a win-win situation and who doesn’t love cool DIY projects?

1. $10 DIY sunburst mirror

You can buy a mirror from the dollar store and use wooden skewers to transform it into something that looks like it was bought from HomeGoods!


Healthy, Wealthy And DIYs

2. DIY dollar store gold chargers

Make your life more glamorous by spraying plastic chargers with gold paint. Time to be a queen!


Redhead Can Decorate

3. Simple wrapping paper storage

Storing wrapping paper can give you a headache but with the little help of a plastic garment bag, this won’t be a problem you will have to worry about ever again.


The Chic Site

4. DIY elevated chip & dip bowl

Now you can have a fancy chip and dip bowl that you’ll make using a bowl and a glass that you will put together.


Diana Rambles

5. Cutlery drawer organization

No more mess with this trick. Separate everything using plastic baskets from the dollar store.


The Elm Life

6. Cookie sheet organizer

You can use cookie sheets to store, display and organize things because they are magnetic.


The Crazy Craft Lady

7. Knock-off Pottery Barn mirror

Pottery Barn has some amazing things but it’s also very expensive. However, you can do this lookalike DIY mirror using only dollar store mirrors and duct tape.


Dollar Store Crafts

8. Hanging shoe holder

You can use hanging shoe racks to store anything, from makeup to toothbrushes.


Money Saving Queen

9. DIY gold leaf vase

Everything looks beautiful in gold especially this DIY vase. All you need is painter’s tape and paint color.


The Creativity Exchange

10. DIY dollar store topiary trees

Premade topiary trees are very expensive. That’s why this DIY version is going to save you quite a bit of money.


AKA Design

11. Mirror hack

You can do this amazing DIY mirror project using compact mirrors from the dollar store.


Thistlewood Farms

12. Ocean stone bath math

Feel like you are always at the beach with this DIY ocean stone bath math for which you need a waterproof silicone sealer.


Tattooed Martha

13. Shaker vases

You will need paint and some old shakers to do this floral arrangement.


Sadie Seasongoods

14. Trashcan makeover

Make a fancy trash can using hot glue and rope.


Two It Yourself

15. DIY smartphone stand

How cool is this? You will need a plastic toy that you will cut in half and then glue a suction cup to the top portion of its legs.


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Source: Diply