15 Everyday Things Turned Into Genius Inventions

Life hacks are great, but genius inventions are even better. You know what’s the best? Finding the genius side of simple everyday things. That’s what the next 15 people did. These will probably make you think: “How on Earth did I not think of this sooner?” You won’t regret looking at the next everyday things turned into genius inventions, compiled by Diply.

1. Use a plastic cereal container as a trash bin in your car.

Just think about all those receipts, baby wipes, and Starbucks cups in your car. Gross! The problem will be solved in minutes!



2. You can adjust the heat on this hot sauce bottle.

Keep everyone happy in the family and stop fighting over what you consider “spicy”.

Reddit | my_mexican_cousin

3. You’ll never have to guess which one is for the light and which one is for the fan.

And it looks like they are damn cheap! Go for it!

Reddit | hammurabi1337

4. Turn that kinder surprise container into an earphones holder.

Wait, it’s a pineapple! SO cute! I so need this in my life.


Instagram | @2cats1doll

5. Coffee shops that give out frozen coffee cubes instead of simple ice cubes are the best!

Who wants too much water in their coffee? No one!

Reddit | zp2018

6. The flush for these urinals is by your feet.

It still means that you guys need to wash your hands, though.

Reddit | Gnarly_Barkley

7. Waiting for the water to get warm under the shower head is terrible. Look at this genius invention!

Plus, you can do so much more in those 30 seconds while waiting!

Reddit | Jamie_019

8. This pill bottle lid will tell you when you opened it last time.

You’ll never forget about the timing!

Reddit | CptnBo

9. This design helps you know how much is left in your measuring cup while pouring.

If you’ve ever tried to estimate half a cup of flour while pouring but then accidentally poured most of it in anyway, then you know the pain.

Reddit | SharkGlue

10. This Rubik’s Cube has braille on it

This is accessible to anyone!

Reddit | Zaffan

11. You can pay for your ticket by recycling.

Take your plastic water with you and get a ticket! Awesome!

Reddit | steve669

12. This grocery store will repair the wonky wheels on their carts by asking you to tag the broken ones.


Reddit | Master-Obvious

13. A basketball net over a trash can is so creative!

Throwing the garbage will now be a fun activity for everyone.

Reddit | steve699

14. A box of hair dye that also comes with plastic covers for your glasses.


Reddit | ohkatiep

15. This beef jerky comes with dental floss.

You have certainly been in a situation like this! Genius!

Reddit | OpenShade

Here are some more impressive inventions.

Source: Diply