15 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The Reality Of Owning A Cat

If you’re reading these, probably you are ‘A four short legs and a beautiful furry tail’ lover. I mean, how can you not love such a bossy creature who judges you silently and drives you to hell? Nah, kidding! They say people who don’t like cats were probably mice in an earlier life, hah! Or they simply did not like cats back then too! But, that’s okay. Some people don’t like dogs. Or pizza. Or Harry Potter. This does not mean they need to drag the rest of us down with them.

Anywayyyy, everybody knows (especially pet owners) that having a pet requires extra patience, responsibility and whole tons of love to give. Especially with cats! I know! They can be mysterious, nonchalant and prefer to deal with things in their own heads. But, a creature that fails to run to your side in a strange situation does not necessarily have a cold heart. Just like some couples who show up at parties and hold hands the entire time. But then, there are others who split up, mingle, talk to new people, but still end up together. So, mates, you cats may be minglers – explorers. Eventually, it’s not an easy journey having a pet as your companion, but often it can be very rewarding.

Hannah Hilliam, a San Francisco-based artist shows to new and soon-to-be cat owners a glimpse of how the life of owning a cat looks like. She depicts the struggles she has to pass, through a simple but funny art style.

Scroll down and enjoy some of the funniest comics:


1. You can’t lay on me…oh okay!

2. Let me out hooman! Okay, enough! Now, let me in!

3. It sure can!

4. A Guide for cat owners

5. What a ‘beautiful’ view to be woken at!

6. ‘Can I have my life back, please!’

7. Each, cute in its own way!

8. Tearing my flesh apart is..just…so cuteee!

9. ‘Leave me alone! Gotta find that universe’s secret formula!’

10. So cute, an apocalypse can happen!

11. Tired of politics? Kittens for president?

12. I’m in loveeee

owning a cat

13. Let’s just nap together till the world’s end!

14. Uh, oh! Not as I expected, but okay!

owning a cat


owning a cat


Source: Purrworld