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15 Hilarious Photos That Will Teach You The Dangers Of Online Shopping

A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy myself a nice suit. I ordered one for cheap from China. And when it arrived, I got a bicycle instead! LOL. Okay that was a bad joke, but still a decent intro to today’s topic: online shopping.

And reading those words, the phrase online shopping sent chills down the spines of some of you, I bet. While it’s super convenient, the downside of online shopping is sort of contained in its very name – it is ONLINE. Which means that you have no real access to the item you’d like to order. That lamp may look awesome in the photos, but in real life? It could look different. And sometimes, RADICALLY DIFFERENT.

Thanks to Tiphero, today we have a nice collection of just such accidents – when what you paid for, and what you get, are two very, very different things. Be thankful you are not these people. They learned the lesson so we don’t have to!

1. When the magic carpet accidentally used the shrinking spell


Source: sexybeastwaaaat via Imgur

2. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a bouquet resembling a disfigured lion.


3. Check those categories, people.


Source: jennbailey6 via Instagram

4. They ordered a trashcan, received a can.


Source: TonyDabit via Imgur

5. Misguided presents are the best presents!


Source: babygrinch via Twitter

6. Black Friday strikes again


Source: everythingpUrby via Twitter

7. When you order your dress from China


Source: Reverse Gusty via Reddit

8. Aaand another one


Source: Imgur

9. Christmas trees aren’t immune to online shopping either!


Source: slantedgooch via Imgur

10. Is that even a teddy bear?


Source: Imgur

11. Just perfect. You never learn, do you? 🙂


Source: littlemisartist via Tumblr

12. When your dirty mind shines through


Source: Hunchmine via Reddit

13. Perfect for that Valentine’s day date!


Source: Mehofjack via Reddit

14. Your pets will love it though!


Source: Reddit

15. I hope this wasn’t too expensive!


Source: Upgruv


From: tiphero

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