15 Simple And Easy Cleaning Hacks

Almost all of us have a relative or a friend whose house is perfectly spotless. Every single time you visit them their house is shining bright like those houses in the magazines. It seems like you are entering an organization paradise. It is truly impressive how much some people clean and organize their homes. There are many things and tricks we could learn from all those who keep their homes extremely clean. And, for the most part, it is easier than you think.
Scroll down and learn some of these organizing and cleaning ideas which are really effective and will help you transform your home into that organization paradise, courtesy of Providr.

1. Everything should have its place

But really, even the non-perfectionists will enjoy this. It is genius. An organized and clean home is a happy home. So, not only your kitchen but, organize your bathroom and your bedroom, living room and your office.

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2. Utilize your dishwasher

The dishwasher cleans bacteria and grime from almost any surface and that’s why it is good for washing not only dishes but also many other things from your house. The air vents and the old floor mat for instance. Also, it is ideal for cleaning children’s plastic toys. But make sure that you check the product’s manual as to whether it can be washed in the dishwasher.

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3. Use a sock to clean window blinds

Window blinds are truly difficult to clean. Here is the solution: simply use a sock to catch all that dust and soot buildup that has been accumulating on the window blinds. You can use it also to clean other hard-to-reach areas like corners for instance, or under the sofa.

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4. Press n’ seal the fridge

Spills in the fridge can cause bacterial growth and fungus. It is really important to clean your fridge thoroughly. One way to do so, which will save you time and effort is using Press N’ Seal. When having a significant spill just replace it.

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5. Use lint rollers

Lint rollers are a handy little tool which are great for pulling the unwanted lint and fibers off jackets, lamps or sofas.


6. Clean the kitchen knife holders

The knife holder is one place that we constantly seem to forget to clean, right? Well, this is a small spot that contains a lot of debris, crumbs, and residue if not cleaned out regularly. Just use a high powered hair dryer with the nose attachment in order to clean it properly.

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7. Wash the shower curtains

Many of the curtains are easily detachable and machine washable. It is really easy to keep them clean all the time.


8. For all the toys that aren’t machine-washable

If you can’t wash some of the children’s toys in the washing machine, simply use a solution that includes baking soda and safe cleaning solution meant for fabric. First, scrub the mixture then shake it off and finish with Febreze.


9. Use the toilet paper roll as vacuum attachment

A used toilet paper roll makes a great vacuum attachment and it is an ideal way to clean all those hard to reach places such as the windows and the door tracks.


10. Solutions for the rust in the bathtub

In order to prevent cosmetic cans from accumulating rust rings around your bathtub simply apply a thick layer of clear nail polish. You can do the same with all the metal shower hooks and soap dispensers.


11. Turn on the AC while dusting

This is a great way to get air flow going while you dust the shelves. It will suck up the air and suck it out the window.



12. Use baskets or trays to organize clutter

Usually, the kitchen counter is a mess with all those things just floating around. Organize only the essential items in a basket or a tray at one corner of the kitchen counter. The rest of the items go inside the cupboard.


13. Duct tape and paint roller

Get rid of pet fur by simply wrapping Duct Tape around the old paint roller. This is perfect for the fabrics like velvet, or corduroy where pet hair is really tricky to get out.


14. Tape your pet bowls down

If you are tired of the mess that your dog or cat make while eating, simply tape the bowl directly to the ground. This will prevent the bowl from moving when your pet feeds.


15. Grapefruit and salt

Add a great amount of course sea salt into a half grapefruit and you have your perfect sink cleanser. The salt combined with the acidity in the fruit will cut through dirt and grime. Plus, your kitchen will smell amazing.

Source: providr