15 ‘I Can Relate’ Super-Annoying Long Nail Struggles

Having long nails or maintaining your short ones its no cakewalk. That’s for sure, trust me! Even now as I’m writing, I am about to have hand fracture not trying to get my nails stuck on the keyboard.

But not only with writing, struggles come in everyday things you do. Breaking a nail, no matter how dramatic we make it look, IT IS! After all the time you have spent on trying to give the best treatment you could, and not to have a broken nail, which makes your finger look like… like it’s not there. And then you have to sacrifice all the other nails just not to discourage the broken one. No, no, not me. I don’t ever do that. Let the others shine! Tryna be the ‘half full glass’ type of person.

However, having a broken nail is not the only struggle we encounter while having long talons. To find out many more of them, let us check out below:


1. Breaking a Nail

I know. It hurts by only imagining it. It is basically the epitome of betrayal. First, it starts with a head spinning, dizziness, and moves to anger. Keep a physical distance when you witness this!

Source: Instagram |@missashley_beauty


2. Breaking a Nail, Again!

I think I need some medical vacation because of my nail. It is broken. My heart, as well. So, the heart is a crucial organ for me to be alive. Bye!

Source: Instagram |@herkelly613


3. Nails Done vs. Undone

Doesn’t everything just seem so wrong when your nails are not done? Like there is something wrong with how your hands and how your fingers look like? Suddenly your hands feel like baby hands. Ugh!

Source: Instagram |@nailsbyevazone2


4. Long claws

What have I done to deserve this?

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5. Color Pick Anxiety

There are like millions of nail shades you can put on your nails. And then you ask me why do I look so stressed? Please…

Source: Instagram |@middleofnowheredayspa


6. But, first, what color?

Sometimes you can’t just handle all the process of choosing a color by yourself. You need some backup.

Source: Instagram |@kalesalad


7. Yes, I have long nails!

A blessing and a curse, at the same time.

Source: Instagram |@fiercenailz102


8. Bye, guitar!

I can relate to this story. I ditched my nails. Didn’t regret a bit! Bye nails!

Source: Instagram |@cecedymond


9. Dual-flush toilet struggle is real

Whoever invented this, probably was a man.

Just googled it. Yup, it was a man.

Source: Instagram |@itsgabbi_babe


10. Nail gone wrong!

I hate when this happens the second you get out of the nail salon. Why the heck didn’t I notice that before?

Source: Instagram |@glittervixen_xo


11. Nails beauty level: 0.1

Really? Covering the tip of your fingers with nails doesn’t really look a good idea.

Source: me.me


12. Fingernails vs toenails nail polish

If you can’t relate to this, I have mixed feelings for you.

annoying long nail struggles
Source: Instagram |@zendy_wendy


13. Fake nails struggle

Oh man, is it ever relatable.

annoying long nail struggles
Source: Instagram |@minicancesz


14. Long nails are cute until…

I’m ready for the world, but the world is not ready for my nails.

annoying long nail struggles
Source: Instagram |@fayewatson2


15. The best thing about nails is…

Oreos, here we come!

annoying long nail struggles
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