These 15 Things From The 90s Are No Longer Socially Acceptable

The 90s were the coolest, and from time to time we get pretty nostalgic about them. Many things have changed since then, especially the fact that today, people are constantly glued to their electric devices (smartphones).

A lot of things that people did back then were beyond normal and socially acceptable, but today they are simply not okay. Or at least, that’s what most people will tell you. There are many things that we were doing and now we miss, but also things that we don’t miss at all.


Some of the things we never thought twice about doing in the 90s are now at best completely unacceptable and at worst worthy of complete social exile.


Let’s see which things were socially acceptable in the 90s, but they aren’t today, courtesy of Throwbacks.

1. Stopping by someone’s house completely unannounced to see if they were home


Back then, nobody seemed to have problem with this. In fact, we all did show at someone’s door completely unannounced, but now if it happens to us we just pretend we’re not home.

And here is what happens when you don’t tell someone that you’re coming over


2. Smoking

Almost everyone the ’90s, was aware that smoking is too dangerous, but it seemed like no one cares. In fact, smoking indoors and around children was a regular thing that people did back then.


3. Using AOL

Everyone has that one family member that just won’t get rid of their AOL email and we all judge them a little for it.



4. Throwing or pushing people into pools

Another pretty normal thing back in the 90s was pushing someone into a pool. So what, big deal, your clothes got wet. But today this prank is pretty expensive, considering that almost everyone carries smartphones with them. If we own waterproof phones, maybe this prank will be acceptable again.


5. Leaving your kids in the car when you’re just quickly running into the store

It is never quickly enough anymore.


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6. Offensive Humor

Many jokes that were acceptable back then are now pretty offensive. If you are addicted to Friends, you know that it is almost 70% gay jokes about Chandler.


7. Kids playing or going places unsupervised

Kids back then were almost never at home, always playing on the streets or at friends’ house. However, if today a kid walks to school alone the cops get called. They have phones too so parents can’t think that they have vanished off the face of the Earth like back then.



8. Calling someone just to talk

Spending hours and hours on the phones just to talk was pretty normal in the 90s. Now, we only call if there’s an important reason. Otherwise, we just text.


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9. Being unreachable by phone


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10. Making plans days in advance and just going without confirming that everyone is still going

Plannig something and actually doing it was normal. Now, you have to confirm many times before it happens just to make sure.


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11. Applying for a job in person

When you wanted a job, back then you went out and knock on someone’s door. But, now if you try and apply in person they will simply tell you to do it online.



12. Going out of town and just not telling anyone

Who cares you were going, you’ll come back. Eventually.


13. Meeting or dropping people off at airport gates

Back in the 90s, going to the gate to say goodbye or to welcome someone just wasn’t a big deal.



14. Asking people for directions to their house

Drawing on a piece of paper just to explain the right directions was normal back then. Now you have GPS and Google Maps.


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15. Memorizing people’s phone numbers

The phone numbers of the closes relatives and friends were always memorized in the 90s.


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Source: Throwbacks