16 Awkward Moments You Should Be Glad That Are Not Happening To You

Life is a funny thing. Just when you think you’ve got it together, it will come at you and punch you right in the face. And when awkward and embracing things happens the best solution is to laugh, because you shouldn’t take life that seriously. In any case, it is much better when a cringy situation happens to someone else. And the farther away you are from it the funnier it will be.

Otherwise, you might be running out of luck just like these unfortunate souls, in this list compiled by Diply.

1. A quick and easy solution

What’s incredible is that he has eyes good enough to spot the slightest signs of wear and tear but bad enough to not notice what he was doing?

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

2. So much cringe

What is he expecting to happen when he uses the breaks?

Reddit | plax1780

3. Looks like someone used Google translate for this one

It won’t be advisable to read it in front of your grandparents.

Reddit | sammvsworld

4. That’s not an intimidating throne

Not at all.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

5. Imagine peeing in front of this thing

He might be a lovely horse, but he’s really gonna need to learn some boundaries because this is terrifying.

Reddit | LuckyLML3

6. Nothing like some horrible scraping sounds to get everyone’s attention

However, that is one adorable grandma.

Instagram | @will_ent

7. This is the future

Not sure what’s worse; the awkward silence as they concentrate or the fear that they’re about to give you the Van Gogh treatment.

Instagram | @memelif3

8. Sounds great, it doesn’t work.

And this kid is the proof.


Instagram | @meme.w0rld

9. A situation is only as awkward as you make it

Santa looks like he wasn’t to go home.

Reddit | 9oh1

10. Why would you print it with the kid?

Let’s just hope that this image isn’t printed on both sides.


11. When someone doesn’t appreciate your memes

It’s time to break up.

Instagram | @mememang

12. This situation seemed messy enough before it turned into hide and seek.

We all want to know what happened with this guy.


Instagram | @kalesalad

13. People who support your dreams and encourage you to chase them are the best ones

Even if they don’t understand them.

Instagram | @thesavageposts

14. It’s the French revolution

And that is one hungry individual.

Reddit | John_E_Timmons

15. The good thing about awkward moments like these is that they have to end at some point.

In this case, they probably ended with Oreos.

Instagram | @will_ent

16. And it definitely doesn’t get more awkward than this.

At least this person passed the course. There is a silver lining to everything.

Instagram | @__________gay__________
Source: diply