These 16 Drawings Describe The Amazing Advantages Of Living Alone

Living alone has incredible advantages and a great impact on a person’s life. People usually want to spend time on their own, but some more than others. Those are some precious moments we spend in our own space, thinking about life, eating our favorite ice cream and listening to loud music. Or, watching movies that we want accompanied with our pet and pizza and beer. Perfect. There are many advantages of living alone and these moments are some of those advantages. When you live alone you don’t have to feel bad about being a little messy or having a big appetite. Also, it is a great opportunity to get to know yourself more and listen to your inner voice.

Scroll down and embrace these amazing illustrations of the many advantages we can enjoy if we are living alone, or, well, with a pet, courtesy of 9gag.

1. Letting your pet play and make a little mess while you are focused on working.


2. The possibility to lie around in bed all day long and just enjoy yourself and your own company.2

3. You can spend some time to do something fun during the fall.


4. Or, maybe decorate the apartment with some flowers and give it a fresher look.


5. Take your time while browsing bookshelves in the library.


6. Enjoy a walk in the rain.


7. Making a feast and trying some new things in the kitchen.


8. Embracing those wonderful morning moments in the sun with a cup of coffee.


9. Try camping and long walks in autumn.


10. Get to really know yourself and listen to your inner voice.


11. Take your time preparing yourself without rushing anywhere.


12. You can spend  hours enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, reading a good book or just – doing nothing in particular.


13. Cry away whenever you need to and feel like it. Not holding the emotions during a sad movie or a sad song.


14. You can spend a whole day organizing your clothes.


15. Embrace the first snow and carefully watch the snowflakes falling slowly.


16. Spend a lot of time doing what you really like. And talk to your pet on breaks.


Source: 9gag