16 Funny Cases Where Logic Was Just Absent

Working as a designer, and especially interior or exterior designer, you have to think about all the possibilities an item or a tool could be used for, in order to be as useful as it can get. But, as a matter of fact, we all have witnessed once or twice some design process going wrong. Below you are going to witness 16 of these embarrassing and funny mishaps.

Actually, they are quite funny and dope. So, why not laugh together? We should trust that old saying which says that laughing is the best therapy. Laughter not only does help your immune system, it also has an effect on your cardiovascular system. Laughter can lower your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure and even improve the function of your blood vessels.

Further down you’re going to meet some ideas for which during the process of conducting them, logic was pretty absent, not to say ALL absent, because you know, maybe the purpose was good in the very beginning… but… it went SO wrong. I am pretty sure that after a while, they wished someone else had the brains to guide them toward the light at the end of the tunnel because their flashlight assuredly was off.

1. One switch/Two functions

All of the buttons inside the elevator couldn’t be enough for completing tasks in different floors. Though outside the elevator cabin we couldn’t find more than one button, so had to, you know, kind of spread its functionality into more than one.
Seriously, dudes? And the note. Argh, so thoughtful!

Source: Reddit | generalecchi

2. Header, what’s your grade of seducing?

Firstly fellas, that is not even a real cell phone. Aaaand, secondly, it doesn’t even have a touch-tone phone for when the conversation gets, you know, a bit more… is sentimental the word I have been trying to guess? You guess!

Source: Reddit | TheRealMemeDemon

3. Drunk but promising billboard

Go home billboard, you’re drunk? I mean, c’monnnn! Who did this? I can’t stop laughing. Looks like a lost billboard, trying to fit in. When is everybody going to understand that fitting in is overrated.

4. Talents: Designing pretty little windows in corners, but you can’t really call them windows, but OK.

It’s like I am being so generous and flattering with this window designer, by first of all calling it a WINDOW. Let’s be honest, what’s the use of it all? Just one useful use? Anyone? No?

Source: Reddit | ahgueso

5. Push-Pull Sliding Door?

Ever heard of such thing? Neither did I. Oh dear! How can a client trust a company and its products, when the company itself doesn’t even trust theirs… or themselves. I mean, I try and try, but this is immensely blowing my mind off.

Source: Reddit | ZePenguinDoktor

6. Too stretchy stretchy socks

The Walking Dead would have sock merch, because like…walking…feet…socks. You get it right? You must get it. The designer was so full of hope on this.

Source: Imgur

7. You can rotate too

Auspicious design. For real. It makes sense when you think of the fact that McDonald’s restaurants are literally on every corner of every street, so it does not really, like really have to matter, where this or that is pointing… you will easily find McDonald’s. Enjoy your meals dears.

8. Wait, wait… is it a T or a ?

Careful with the letters and numbers and symbols written closely together, because sometimes, just sometimes, they can REALLY MEAN something. And most of the cases, just most of the cases, it’s dumb. Dude? Tunashamed? Are you being serious?

Source: Imgur | CertifiedTintinologist

9. Flamingo flipped out, but please understand!

Maybe there was a hole at the end of the cup and all that drinking made this flamingo… you know… over-hydrate?

Source: YouTube

10. Cheers using arm power or what?

It’s good, alright, we must admit, the fact that these glasses can’t break make you feel, somehow, safer? Things can get a little out of hand sometimes, and you can lose counting of the glasses or, God knows what else.. but the thought of putting a little kid on the box picture, is like… I am wowed!

Source: eBaum’s World

11. Garbage paper dryer or what?

Please put all used paper in garbage can so that they can dry and this way recycle ready to be used again or or or WTF?


12. Clothing display gone wronger than wrong

The person who did this has some thrilling ideas for horror movies doesn’t he/she…? Ugh!  Next James Wan!


Source: Reddit | windacis

13. Image rights must be very mentioned

Maybe, only maybe, these small little tiny big details, can change the total meaning of the image and of the quote.


14. Roman numbers are back

This surely looks innovative but I really wonder if their phone ever rings?


Source: Imgur | EfferenceCopy

15. Explain it if you can

The functionality of this door is just beyond comprehension… therefore beyond explanation.

16. Long jeans short or something like that

With a $168 dollar price tag, each and every jean fiber and thread counts.


Source: Reddit | chrzzl

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