16 Gifts Every ’90s Girl Wanted To Find Under The Tree On Christmas Morning

Growing up in the ’90 was absolutely amazing. You would write a list of everything you wished for and hoped that Santa would make your dreams come true. The ’90s were the time when Santa’s workshop was overwhelmed with orders for Barbie dream houses and fuzzy marabou pens.

Keep scrolling to see what ’90s girls wanted to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, in this list compiled by Diply.

It’s time for some childhood nostalgia.

1. Barbie dream house

Three floors, seven rooms, and a working elevator is what kid’s dreams are made of. Plus, you can have tea parties and sleepovers with all your Barbies.

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2. Lisa Frank stickers

Children in the ’90’s grew up with Lisa Frank and they used to put these stickers on their planners, diaries or backpacks just to create a little whimsy and joy.

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3. Caboodle makeup storage

It was the perfect place to store your butterfly clips, lip smackers, and scrunchies!

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4. Stick-on gem earrings

When piercing were not allowed the next best things were fly stick-on earrings. They came in multiple colors and shapes.

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5. Skip it

You could see all ’90 kid skipping their days away with this toy that was designed to be affixed to the child’s ankle via a plastic hoop and it would cycle around in a 360-degree rotation.


7. Butterfly clips

Fashion in the ’90s was hardcore. What were you even doing if your hair wasn’t full of colorful butterfly clips?


Etsy | ChromaticWit

8. Inflatable blow-up chair

There was a purple Britney Spears blow up chair that was the number one item on a lot of children’s Christmas wish lists.

Amazon | Cornucopia Brands

9. Lip smacker variety pack

I have to admit I still use this even today. The flavors are irresistible and bring back memories.


Amazon | Rhode Island Novelty

10. Book fair mini erasers

All the shapes and all the colors – perfect for status elevating and swapping!


11. Beanie babies

These toys were stuffed with plastic pellets (“beans”) and had an amazing flexible feel. Beanie Babies were one of the most valuable toys of the 90s.


12. Fuzzy marabou pens

With the invention of these, writing homework became so much more fun.


The House Of Bachelorette

13. Troll dolls

As a kid growing up in the ’90s you would have probably found a troll doll hanging out of your Christmas stocking on Christmas morning.

Tom Isaksen | Character Ink

14. My little pony

This unicorn with colorful, silky smooth mane is still popular even nowadays.


15. Easy bake oven

This was the perfect toy for kids who loved to bake but, of course, were not allowed in a real kitchen. It’s time to make scrumptious treats for your family and friends.

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16. What’s her face dolls

This doll was invented for kids who were creative. The results were not always pleasing.

Source: Diply