16 Hacks To Make You Feel In Control Of Your Hectic Life

Hacks are life. Not only they make our days easier, they also inspire us to get started with organizing stuff. Can’t get tired of them? Diply has your back:

1. Perfect freezies and no sticky scissors.

Dried freezy juice has never been more upright before.


Instagram | @wilfordbrimly

2. Use a zip tie as a handle and make your life simpler.

When the dryer is left without a handle, don’t you worry. Simply attach ties to two of the holes and then another tie between them. Voila!

Reddit | xKeyNin

3. Use chopsticks for snacking.

No sticky fingers!

Instagram | @daniellebilton

4. Use clothes hangers as a tablet mount.

This is a lifesaver if you live in a dorm and you are stuck into the bottom bunk bed. Simply attach the hooks to the underside of the upper bunk. Then, use tape or cord to secure one corner of the triangle. There you go!

Reddit | eddiebstanley

5. When spoons are a luxury.

When there are a billion forks, but not a single spoon around, wrap some tape around the tines of a fork.

Twitter | @twittsfromKC

6. You can stop bobby pins from disappearing once and for all.

Yup, they are their own organizer. Simply use one as a holder and they will never lose.

Instagram | @tonya_joyner_speaks

7. A cheating way to get through exam season.

She is mastering the arts of cheating. Too bad for the teacher.

Twitter | @kmsitsony

8. Nail polish to distinguish keys.

Life will immediately be simpler. Everything will make sense! Who would say? is

Reddit | randomusefulbits

9. Hang posters and save your walls from damage at the same time.

Tape a paperclip to the wall and use a magnet to hold those posters!

Twitter | @krsm_ttt

10. Use the good old way of taking a picture instead of relying on your Wifi signal.


Twitter | @drnugget

11. Use a walnut to repair scratches in wood.

When your puppy (or your toddler) has a fun way to destroy the door, be smarter and use walnuts.

Imgur | Westboundheartnsoul

12. Ear sweat issues will no longer bother you.

Working out and wearing them is a complete mess. Hockey tape can solve the issue in a pinch!

Twitter | @TheBobWinter

13. Use a Styrofoam cup to diffuse your phone flashlight.


Reddit | Nickness123

14. Know exactly when your water is boiling.

Instead of just standing there in the kitchen waiting forever, borrow a phone and use Facetime to keep an eye on your pan.

Twitter | @JustinHillister

15. Stop breaking your charging cables once and for all.

Use that little spring inside retractable pens for your cords and prevent them from bending too much.

Reddit | DREADB0X

16. Keep a carabiner or two in the trunk of your car.

The trip to home after grocery shopping has never been easier.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Here are more life hacks, this time related to storage.

Source: Diply