These Are 16 Of The Most Hilarious Photos Ever Taken On Christmas

Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays, and for various reasons: some like Christmas because of the gifts, while some enjoy the communal spirit of getting together with their families and friends.

Then again, some people have the undeniable talent of making everything weird, even Christmas. These 16 are some of them, courtesy of Diply.

1. The kids who don’t like Santa and don’t want to take a picture with him

The child on the right even has his fists up to do whatever’s necessary in order not to take a picture with Santa.


Source: Instagram | @derekmathernetattoo

2. Two adorable dogs and a cat aren’t really excited about the holiday

The golden one has even thrown the hat. But, unsuccessful. The owner persisted.


Source: Instagram | @fimorley5

3. This Santa probably decided to sing in order to make the kid stop crying


Source: Awkward Family Photos | Angie

4. On the other hand, everyone in this one wants to take pictures with Santa. Everyone.


Source: 365 Greetings

5. What is even going on here?

Aren’t these fake backgrounds made just for the kids who take Pictures with Santa? This is a bit awkward.


Source: Bobbie Photo

6. One kid who definitely isn’t a Santa Claus enthusiast. It really looks like she is plotting something!

I will fight with you after you take that picture. I said I don’t want to take a picture with Mr. Claus!



Source: Instagram | @justplainmomish

7. When a child starts getting boring gifts

The face is priceless. “Socks, really?”


Source: Awkward Family Photos | Suzy

8. This is not a Christmas shot, is it? Oh, wait there is a Christmas tree.

Cool family though. Just don’t ask the kid on the right.


Source: Runt of the Web

9. “Oh, well. This is happening.”

The hat just adds another dimension to this one.


Source: Runt of the Web

10. I just don’t like Christmas. Didn’t you understand that last year?

“I just hope this ends soon, and she takes this dull hat off of my precious head.”


Source: Instagram | @valerietylerphotography

11. The question that pops up: Was this done on purpose?

If yes, good job.


Source: Imgur

12. Well, at least this person is clear and upfront on his Christmas presents.

Stating what is not. It clearly is what it is not.


Source: Reddit | JetFalco

13. Wild times


Source: Reddit | stopscopiesme

14. A Christmas version of the horror movie Human Centipede?


Source: Reddit | spurscar

15. “Don’t look at me like that, when you grow up you will see what a good and loud cry can do…”

“…Plus, I really wanted that toy.”


Source: Instagram | @ashlepage

16. Might just be the weirdest one of all time.


Source: Smosh | Awkward Family Photos
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