16 Clever Ideas That Should Have Caught On By Now

I cannot wait to see how the world will look like in the next 50 or 60 years. With things getting invented every new day, we are all more than excited.

Here are some sweet and clever innovations, courtesy of Diply, proving that the future will be amazing.

1. The future is now

This woman rode on an escalator that transforms into a walkway in the middle.


2. This is where you will find all the parents

A check-out that has no candy is probably every parent’s dream.

Reddit | KrazoaSpirit

3. This bus seat is upholstered to show that it’s a designated courtesy seat.


Reddit | wheezy11

4. A car wash that has soap cannons

Now even the kids can have fun cleaning the car.

Reddit | Leon_117

5. Parking spots that have their lines painted on the barriers in front

This will make it so much easier to see where you are parking.

Reddit | ebflaherty

6. A swing for a baby and a parent

So they can spend quality time together while having fun. Genius.

Reddit | Bearat

7. The back of this car seat has indentations where you can place your knees!

This was invented for all the tall people.

Reddit | murphofly

8. A public sink that has a soap, faucet and a dryer

Everything you need in one place.

Reddit | msmomona

9. This cup comes with a mustache guard!

Now you won’t have a cappuccino mustache for all your friends to laugh at.


Reddit | jimbobbillybob_

10. Park bench where you can park your bike.

The perfect place to take a break from long bike rides.


Reddit | Monsterpiece42

11. Restaurant’s smart system for selling brownies

Green dots for corner pieces, red dots for centerpieces, and blue dots for edge pieces.

Reddit | longboarder116

12. Packed furniture parts

Now you can finally assemble that bedframe without getting a headache.

Reddit | Village71

13. Public monitored meet-up spots for online purchase exchanges

Now you don’t have to worry about tapping the wrong person the shoulder.

Reddit | queen0fmars

14. Short story dispenser

You can read a short story while waiting for your friend to show up.

Reddit | KirbyCookie

15. Highlighter with a clear spot in the tip so you can see what you’re highlighting.

Now, this is something we all need.

Reddit | chillin_krillin

16. Phone base that has its ports labeled in braille

Reddit | Arthur_Dent_42_121
Source: Diply