These 16 Life Hacks Are So Ridiculous That You Won’t Stop Laughing

The Internet is really a bottomless pit where you can find everything and anything. From scientific facts, useful hacks and ideas to really hilarious pictures and mind-boggling things that people do around the globe.
Some of the hacks you find on the Internet are life changing and super useful. Some, are not!
However, there are plenty ridiculous ones too.
Scroll down and take a look at some of the most foolish and even outrageous life hacks on the Internet, compiled by Diply.
And, just a warning, do not do try at home, these are just for guffawing at from the safety of your device!

1. “Want to turn your drink into a diet? No problem! Just push this button,” wrote Osher23.

Great excuse for the next time you want a ‘healthy’ sugar-filled soft drink.

Reddit | Osher23

2. “If your phone screen is too small, put it in water. It will magnify the screen up to 200%!” wrote Gabewil.

I mean, he’s not wrong. If only the phone were waterproof.

Reddit | Gabewil

3. “Too broke to afford rent? Commit an armed robbery and live in prison rent free! Includes free meals and a free gym membership, too,” suggests one Reddit user.

Well, it is a great suggestion.


4. Want a tip on how to avoid your next parking ticket?

Twitter | @HilariousTed

5. “If you’re in a rush in the morning, remember to save some time by having breakfast whilst cleaning your teeth at the same time!” suggests HaveAGoodDay_.

And one espresso, please.

Reddit | HaveAGoodDay

6. Are you too broke to eat out?

You can avoid paying for meals forever people!

Reddit | TheSlimyDog

7. The annoying moment when you really need a hair tie but you can’t find one.

“Just chew a stick of gum for a minute, and then wrap it around your hair for an instant fix!” wrote Jlhudson.


8. “Corkscrew break? This can only end one of two ways,” wrote tang81.

Reddit | tang81

9. “Turn off the smoke alarm so if there is a fire, it won’t disturb your sleep,” wrote kappaeology.

So, the most peaceful sleep of your entire life.


10. Concerned about people hearing you while you go no.2?

Here is the solution.

Reddit | Surperier_Snivy

11. If you are expecting a lot of guests…

“Place food in the oven sideways if it doesn’t fit,” wrote dingogordy.

Reddit | dingogordy

12. “Life Hack: lick random things on the Subway to boost your immune system,” wrote twentytwodividedby7.

Build up that tolerance to germs the bad ass way!


13. “Can’t fall asleep at night? Just hold your breath until you pass out!” wrote lobsman12.

But, why on the almighty Earth didn’t I think of this earlier?


14. “Want to get rid of wrinkles fast? Just get bit by a rattlesnake,” wrote kyletells.

Those pesky wrinkles will vanish in a matter of minutes.

Reddit | KyleTells

15. Feeling kind of lonely?

Reddit user gregthegregest suggests this extraordinary solution:

If you want to heal your broken heart than you should fill a rubber glove with warm water. How smart is that, right?


Reddit | gregthegregest

16. And this is how you should increase your Instagram followers in a matter of days.

The  “man on the moon.” Or, the man-moon?

Reddit | CommunistCate
Source: Diply