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16 Magical Things That Make The Perfect Harry Potter Themed Gifts

Christmas season is here, and what better time of the year than this to go all Hogwarts? I mean, regardless if you’re a Potterhead, or some of your friends are, Christmas is the most Harry Potter time of the year, hands down.

I meant – wands down. Cough. But anyways, since everyone is a Potterhead, or, well, everyone knows a Potterhead, there is a very special need to buy the appropriate presents for anyone even loosely associated with Hogwarts.

And, well, we got you covered. Thanks to Diply, we now have a list full of magical items, all fitting the role of a Christmas present for your loved ones. There are thousands of Potterhead items, sure, but we’ve cast a secret spell that reduced them to just the Top Sixteen. Can’t see them? Oh, scroll down to make me wave my wand!


1. Hogwarts watercolor print ($10.80)

This will turn any wall into a magical wall as soon as its hung on it.


Source: Etsy | gingerkidsart

2. Golden Snitch necklace ($23.19)

Just be careful, someone’s bound to catch it!


Source: Etsy | EnchantedLeaves

3. Harry Potter sweatshirt ($19.99)

It comes in other colors as well, like navy, black, olive, white, pink and red.


Source: Etsy | UberThreads

4. Vintage Hogwarts trunk ($30.28)

You can buy other presents, and deliver them in this trunk to the receiver!


Source: Etsy | Minoandbonbon

5. Color-changing mug with the Marauder’s Map ($5.99)

How to make the treasure reveal itself? Apply a magic for heat!


Source: Etsy | MagicMugsDesign

6. Makeup brushes shaped like magic wands ($10.18)

For that Potterhead who just loves makeup.


Source: Etsy | FungCreative

7. Rolling pin engraved with Harry Potter symbols ($14.99)

Time to add some magic spice!


Source: Etsy | HappyRollingPin

8. Harry Potter soap set ($18)

It even includes a sorting hat soap!


Source: Etsy | DorkishArt

9. Harry Potter canvas bag ($11.99)

The perfect spell for book lovers.


Source: Etsy | CraftyCreatureInk

10. Hogwarts trunk containing all the Harry Potter books ($275)

And they even come in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin book jackets.


Source: AHAlife

11. Sorting hat candle ($18.95)

It’s made of soy, and it changes color! In the end – it will tell you which Hogwarts house you belong to!


Source: Etsy | NovaVela

12. Dobby Christmas tree decoration ($48)

Your cat will love it!


Source: Etsy | Savkota

13. Wax seal kit with the symbols of Hogwarts ($9.80)

Perfect for sealing those magical letters!


Source: Etsy | SarinaCraftSupplies

14. Golden Snitch – ornament ($10)

For your Christmas tree, or clothes hanger, or… Yourself.


Source: Etsy | SamjenArts

15. Hermione Granger’s Lotions & Potions Box ($40)

Delivered straight from the Ministry of Magic!


Source: Etsy | WonderfulWoodDecor

16. Hogwarts Kindle cover ($35.50)

It’s shaped like a Hogwarts acceptance letter. Don’t like that? No worries, you can customize it!


Source: Etsy | romerobags

Well… Now I can only wait. And expecto patronum…

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