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16 Moments Anyone Who Has Been In A Relationship Can Relate To

16 Moments Anyone Who Has Been In A Relationship Can Relate To

During recent years dating rules and habits have changed in this highly digital era and dating behaviors drastically differ between the ages. Many young singles use technology as a dating resource. And let’s admit it, modern dating can get pretty complicated with so many unspoken rules. Deceit, mistrust, and dissatisfaction are NOT signs of a healthy relationship. All those phone checks and obsession over virtuality, won’t make your relationship safer.

Well, somebody should break the ice and show this to the young lovers on this list. Here are some funny truths about modern relationships that you may run into on your journey to finding your perfect match:


1. Trust issues or a very loving girlfriend?

Source: Instagram | @hereforthebanter_


2. Epitome of savageness

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3. Ain’t nobody passing the launching pad.

Source: Instagram | @meme.w0rld

4. ‘I may not be physically present with you all the time, but my ‘warning selfie’ is!’ You gotta make sure you’re watching your boyfriend 24/7.


Source: Facebook

5. Second of all, you can continue talking to him.


Source: Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x


6. That CHICken looks suspicious.


Source: Instagram | @b0mbtweets


7. Either way, you should focus on having quality time. Leave virtuality obsession at home for a second.

Source: Instagram | @meme.w0rld


8. A love game, with only one person being involved. Hurts!

Source: Instagram | @memelif3


9. ‘Ladies and gentlemen! We are gathered here today for a full investigation upon the topic: Did my boyfriend’s phone died last night, or not? What mystery lays behind all this?’

Source: The Chive


10. When you got the question too literally.

Source: Instagram | @mememang


11. Behind these 0 followers / following Instagram profiles hides a desperate ex! Oh, he chose not to hide in this case. See the profile name?

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Source: Instagram | @memelif3


12. Coming between me and my dog is on the same level as flipping the Monopoly table.

Source: Instagram | @mememang


13. When your ex is crazy but an educated one. Seeing this would only reinforce the decision to stay far away from my ex.

Source: Twitter | @placelikethis


14. Soul ownership is a concept you want to come up when you are trying to be with someone. Too late to get away from me bae!



15. ‘Don’t you have a co-worker?’

Source: Reddit | [deleted]


16. He looks scared! Do you need help, friend?

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