16 Odd Photos That You Will Either Find Satisfying Or Disturbing

When it comes to photography and arty pictures, we can definitely find some that are pretty captivating, while others… well, not so much. There are some pictures that clearly capture our imagination more than others. It is maybe due to the part of the brain that gets oddly satisfied by keeping your books in order of color of the cover for instance.

And then, on the other side, that part of the brain that simply can’t handle the odd formation of the tree outside your house that looks like a scary face.
However, here is a gallery of photos that won’t leave you indifferent, courtesy of Diply.

1. This heart is formed of rock and ice.

If this wasn’t a work of art by nature it is disturbing. Even though it might help you prove a point.


Source: Reddit | Bongnazi

2. All cheese enthusiasts, gather.

And all those perfectionists. Well, there is definitely something satisfying seeing that cheese perfectly cut.


3. “Here, here, my paws fit perfectly here. I shall stay here for a while”

The never-ending search for a perfect fit.


Source: Reddit | space-milk

4. When you realize that the book you bought for your child is written by Slenderman.

Just keep that branch-arms in the pocket, please.


Source: Reddit | Vutdrxzs

5.  It doesn’t even look like a scoop of ice cream. It looks like a pure, perfect and smooth ball.

Who would dare to mess it up? Well, I will at some point, of course.


Source: Sizzle

6. Well, this is pretty disturbing, isn’t it? At first glance, I thought it is a photo-shopped picture.

Is this how the child disturbed the parents? It probably worked.


Source: Sizzle

7. Okay. Now, stop. It is as creepy as it gets.

That frozen smile on the face says more than words could.


8. How on Earth did this happen? And only those trees?

The unsolved mystery is how did these trees get like that in the first place.


Source: Reddit | Darshitreddit

9. So, she has one, two, three legs? Wait maybe four?

Hm, at least use Photoshop correctly.


Source: Sizzle

10. The Rick and Morty VR workshop is awesome.

But that Plumbus jiggle is more than weird.


11. One of the most satisfying things.

Sure, you can cut the end off in order to get more toothpaste, but it is not nearly as satisfying.


Source: Imgur | EmmaWatsonAndRoastBeefMmm

12. Imagination vs. reality, or?

Similar case with the Facebook photos you see the day after the big and wild party.


Source: Reddit | Instantnoob

13. The borderline between cute and terrifying.

I would go for cute as long as it is not around me in real-life.


14. As weird as it is, it actually does look like Kanye.



Source: Reddit | CHall95

15. Okay, it is impressive but only for the sake of experimenting.

Otherwise, your hands would look like the hands of a scary monster.


Source: YouTube | Indian Beauty Vlogger

16. This is both satisfying and disturbing. For the eyes at least.

Don’t stare too much.


Source: Reddit | po40361
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