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16 Terrible Online Shopping Fails That Are Actually Hilarious

16 Terrible Online Shopping Fails That Are Actually Hilarious


Online shopping is so tempting and it’s something that has become very popular ever since the Internet took over our lives. Many individuals use this method but it doesn’t always pay off, unfortunately. Online shopping might be easy, save you time and you are excited waiting for the package to be delivered, but what if it’s not what you expected. Well, disappointment sets in.

Here are 16 epic online shopping fails compiled by Diply that will certainly make you think twice before ordering clothing online.

1. Don’t get any ideas.

But I’m not sure if this is a sweater, a tarp, or a body bag?


Source: Facebook | Knock Off Nightmares

2. Close enough, all you’re missing now is your jeans or some pillows.


Source: Instagram | @rvchickadee

3. Never say never.

Show them what you got.



Source: Instagram | @noble_alonso

4. Who is that tall?

But on the bright site we have a great look for swimmers, scuba divers, or ducks.


Source: Instagram | @mizz_yewneekone

5. Reveals a little more than intended.


Source: Instagram | @nicole_louise.x

6. Someone definitely used old drapes to design this dress.


Source: Twitter | @Morgan_Morris29

7. Tight is an understatement.


Source: Twitter

8. Well, lesson learned.


Source: Twitter | @francescurrier

9. Maybe you are wearing it backwards?

I don’t have any explanations for this one.


Source: Twitter | @everythingpUrby

10. Why is this wedding dress green?

I’m actually shuddering right now.


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Source: Twitter | @Tania_Twinkle

11. Hey, are those pants?


Source: Facebook | Knock Off Nightmares

12. At least she didn’t pay for shipping.


Source: Facebook | Knock Off Nightmares

13. I mean that’s stunning!

Wouldn’t you agree?


Source: Twitter | @everythingpUrby

14. And another unfortunate person falls prey to false advertising.


Source: Twitter | @lingerie_addict

15. No. Don’t bite men, please.


Source: Facebook | Knock Off Nightmares

16. Well, adios Adidos!

I believe we all have made this mistake at some point.


Source: Twitter | @fajar_rizki_
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