16 People Who Had An Original and Thoughtful Idea For An Engagement Ring

The engagement ring symbolizes the love, commitment and devotion between two people. While traditionally engagement rings tended to include a diamond, lately people are finding more and more creative ways to express their love and dedication to their special other.

Below, you can see a list of original, thoughtful and beautiful rings that show that the people who proposed truly knew their partners perfectly.


1. The fingerprint ring

This man has his wife’s fingerprint carved into his wedding band. Simple but touching – literally.


2. A ring with a private meaning

The seven stones that make up the ring are Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Tourmaline – in that order. The initials of each stone spell out “DEAREST.” How incredibly creative is that?


3. An adjustable ring

This is the perfect ring for someone who can’t make up their mind. The fifteen diamond bands can be altered in several different ways – so it looks like a new ring every day.


4. The Wizard of Oz ring

You can never go wrong with a ring based on your partner’s favorite book or movie, as you will continue to see down this list.


5. The Iron-Man-Inspired Ring

If your special other is a comic book fan, they will love this ring fashioned after Iron Man’s arc reactors.


6. The inexpensive, but thoughtful ring

Made from copper wire, this ring shows that spending a lot of money on a ring is not essential. What matters is the love and commitment in the relationship.


7. A ring with a sense of humor

But obviously, they mean it. Put the ring back on.


8. A ring for science lovers

This ring has small amounts of tritium, which is radioactive but not enough so as to be dangerous. It also looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, which is a bonus.


9. A ring with a secret

In a room with no lights, the ring starts shining a glowing red. So your fiance can never lose sight of you.


10. A Hollywood-worthy ring

This ring doesn’t have a stone – instead, it has a lens in front of which is a photo. So if you shine a light through the lens the photo will be projected on the wall.


11. For the young soul

This ring can fit perfectly with a Lego piece – which shows this relationship is probably very playful and fun.


12. For a love that will last a lifetime

This ring consists of meteorite and dinosaur bone. Hopefully, their love will last just as long.


13. A ring for a bookworm

If your fiance is a lover of the written word, then she will love you even more if you propose with this ring.


14. A ring which carries a lot of weight…

Get it? Because there are elephants in it? The woman who was proposed to loves elephants – so her fiance included them in her engagement ring. Now she can have something that reminds her of two things she loves.


15. A ring that took some work

This person looked for the stone himself in a local mine, had it carved and transformed it in an engagement ring. I’m sure his fiance will appreciate the work he put in it more than anything else.


16. Indiana Jones inspired ring

For another movie-inspired ring, here we have one designed after Indiana Jones’ whip.

Source: Auntyacid