16 Parents Who Will Always Regret Bringing Their Kids On Vacation

When I was a kid, I kept wondering why people left out their kids when they went on vacations alone. Nowadays, with being a parent, everything makes perfect sense to me. Even if you are working every day, you do get to spend every moment with them at home. They are these little draining creatures that want simply everything at once. Having a two-hour break from them means an actual vacation for you as a parent. There is no doubt that you love them, and they’re the stars of your life but… Mama needs a cocktail from time to time.

Some parents thought they could handle both rest and kids… Which are mutually exclusive:

1. Some kids are natural travelers, while others…

…start crying hysterically even at the first gas station stop. Put a pair of siblings together in the back of a car and see your life fall apart in seconds.


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2. When historical sites are the plan and your kid wants to sit in the hotel room.

History and museums are hard to understand for kids.


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3. Catching up on some sleep is always a good idea.

When kids come on vacation, you are basically having no sleep at all.


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4. What road trips with kids really look like.

“Daddy, pull over! I need to go potty!”


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5. Hungry kids are the worst kids.

Always bring snacks, whenever you go!


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6. Even the magic kingdom loses its appeal when it’s time for that nap!

Disney should involve beds for all those cranky kids needing a nap.


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7. You all remember that family member who was always angry at everyone.

At all times! Kids will do their thing no matter if you are home or at the Bahamas.


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8. Being a parent on a trip to Europe is not easy.

Tourists have a hard time with all those old stairs and buildings with no elevators. And babies, too…


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9. Kids have their own priorities.

They don’t really care how long you’ve been waiting to see that tropical oasis. So unimpressed!


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10. Every single photo

Every kid has their own phase. It happens every month… You are there to survive all of them. Good luck!


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11. You can’t schedule tantrums

Tantrums are inevitable. Kids don’t care if you want the perfect sightseeing or the perfect picture. They can always get angry.


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12. Peaceful and kids never go together.

Try scolding that kid, and he will probably jump off that bridge in seconds.


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13. Just you, a pool, and your kids…So “peaceful”!


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14. They will eventually get sick and your vacation will be ruined.

Trying to soothe a sick kid in an unfamiliar environment, is simply a failed attempt.


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15. Sleeping arrangements are a nightmare.

Kids will eventually end up taking all of your bed. Sorry!


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16. “But I wanna go swimming!”

Why are kids so obsessed with hotel swimming pools? Parents just want to have their coffee in peace.


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Source: Diply