These 16 People Have Had Better Days Before

There are some bad days and some really bad days. Even though all of us are trying their best in this crazy world, everyone messes up from time to time. I mean, some of us mess up to the point where we have to be somehow awarded or acknowledged at least. Have you heard of an iron-baked pizza? Well, here is that and many more other fails courtesy of Diply.

1. This person really messed up the recipe for rainbow cake in a jar.

Well, at least the clean up was colorful though.


Source: Imgur | RareWare64

2. Someone tried to make a SpongeBob SquarePants cake.

Poor, melted SpongeBob SquarePants. You’ve seen many, many better days.


Source: Reddit |  lolpancakeslol

3. Someone tried to make hard boiled eggs in the oven.

We don’t blame you. Pinterest makes it looks so easy, right?


Source: Imgur | ymtheniceguy

4. When someone baked their glasses into a pound cake.

How did, on almighty Earth, this happen?
Imagine: “Honey, have you seen my glasses?” “Did you check the loaf, dear?”



Source: Twitter | @Truffe_du_Jour

5. When someone made their pressure cooker explode.

But, look closely, not only the oven collapsed but there is a pot lid stuck in the ceiling.


Source: Imgur | dukegonzo

6. When someone tried to recreate this octopus pie.

We don’t blame them, sometimes the pictures make it look so easy to prepare. But, still it looks unappetizing.


Source: Twitter | @fangirl411

7. This meal was burnt so intensely that it resembled the inside of a volcano.

Maybe this person was trying to make a replica of a piece of the earth’s core. Or, maybe an eye of a dragon.


Source: Reddit |  Skiddle1138

8. The ultimate way to warm your pastry, between laptop chargers.

Well, why bother putting it a microwave?


Source: Reddit | Z3F

9. This person immortalized Justin Bieber in bacon and ground beef.

Well, at least this fan managed to make the bacon-hair on spot, right?


Source: Imgur | DeadHead707

10. When someone didn’t want cold pizza.

Maybe this person was really hungry and since the kitchen and the microwave are really far away, you have to do what you have to do.


Source: Pinterest | khathutshelonem

11. When someone burned this kettle.

Maybe they wanted double heating for faster results.


Source: Imgur | antisocialqueen

12. Someone made pasta but couldn’t get it out of the pot.

This is a new way of consuming pasta, directly from the pot. Burnt or not.


Source: Tumblr |

13. This person’s oven mitt let them down in a significant way.

But, it had one and only one job. If it can’t take the heat , what can?


Source: Twitter | @amybowes_

14. When you cook your chicken nuggets on a plastic tray.

In case you forget, print it out as a reminder : Plastic melts when heated up in the oven.


Source: Twitter | @VludDiamond

15. An this is how baked kitchen scissors look like.

Season well and put them in the oven. After half an hour baking let them cool down and Bon appétit. Delicious.


Source: Instagram | @amymariewinchester

16. When you order an extra well done pizza

If you have already tried a thin crust and stuffed crust it is time for the brand-new burnt crust.


Source: Instagram | @craig_alan1
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