16 People Who Passed As Celebrities But Look Nothing Like Them

Some people are crazy about celebrities and would go miles only to take a single picture with them. Meeting celebrities sure brings a great dose of excitement, but some even mistake an ordinary person for a celebrity because of this. It wouldn’t be that bad if they looked like celebrities, but these people can barely pass as celebrities in a usual occasion. Here are 16 people who passed as celebrities even though they look nothing like them, compiled by Auntyacid.

1. “Tom Cruise”


That’s… far from Tom Cruise. He does not even look like him! Just look at how young that guy is in the first place! t

2. “Kristen Stewart”


This man seems thrilled to finally meet the girl of his dreams. He must be a huge Twilight fan! At least she was happy to go along with it for the photo.

3. “Morgan Freeman”


This one is not that far from Morgan Freeman to be honest. But imagine all the free drinks he got.

4. “Gene Simmons”


It’s obvious that she needs to visit the eye doctor, but you can’t really blame her! Bless her heart! She looks so happy that she is finally meeting him.

5. “Hannibal Buress”


That’s simply not the comedian Hannibal Buress. Although, when you look at this guy, you’ll notice the same chill appearance and manner. He also seems happy to take a photo with this lady.

6. “Woody Harrelson”


This person got tricked by this Woody Harrelson lookalike, but look at his face. This guy is probably around 30 years younger.

7. “Peter Jackson”


This happy mother is thrilled to be having a drink with the multi-award-winning millionaire filmmaker. She must have been sad that he turned out to be a random guy at the bar.

8. “Rob Kardashian”


He does not even look like Rob at all! The good thing is that they can all have a good laugh about it.

9. “Ed Sheeran”


This guy can make fun of himself and that’s a great sign that he is all mature. Easy mistake to make, though…

10. Rob McElhenney as Mac


This mom is clearly happy about her daughter getting married, but she probably regrets making this mistake. It makes you think how they thought that this was Mac from Always Sunny. What a strange world.

11. “Post Malone”


In fact, it was just a guy with braids.

12. “Larry David”


This guy is probably the only one who is aware that this man is not Larry David. It’s always fun to find a doppelganger and laugh about it!

13. “Pitbull”


This man doesn’t even look like Pitbull! It’s just a random bald guy!

14. “Chuck Norris”


This guy is definitely not Chuck Norris.

15. John and Edward Grimes


They cannot be compared to them because they simply don’t even look like them. It is hilarious!

16. Drake


The look on this guy’s face says he is enjoying himself!

Here are instances of celebrity Photoshop fails.

Source: auntyacid

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