16 People Who Definitely Had A Frustrating Day

Your car breaks down in the middle of the road while snow is in the forecast. You realize you forgot your credit card at the cash register while your baby is munching on the chocolate bar you’ve just bought. So many days like these have successfully turned you into a frustrated freak who is just not able to stay calm. Hold on, let me buy you a coffee, ’cause you need a break from all this crap! Here are some other people who also need a cup of coffee and a well-deserved break, because their day sucked. Diply has made a collection of 16 people who had a frustrating day.

1. This guy who got stuck in a speaker hole.

He had to drive to the emergency room! SO not fun!

Instagram | @dumb.jpeg

2. This other guy who also got stuck and can’t move.

It turns out you are never too old for a dumb mistake, right?

Tumblr | meefling

3. This poor lady who just wanted to assemble a chair from Ikea, but ended up lying on the floor.

The picture speaks for itself. Here, grab a cup of coffee!

Imgur | idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere

4. This teacher who had a slip of the tongue.

She may have had a dirty mind as well.

Instagram | @selena.gomedz

5. This person who eventually got it.

If you were having a rough day, I bet this made you laugh out loud.

Reddit | kevinkit

6. This girl who got scared out of nowhere.

Oops! King Kong is alive!

Twitter | @IdiotOlympics

7. This guy who just wasn’t born for this spooky haunted house.

Can you really blame him?

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

8. These dudes who simply don’t care about finals.

Students know how real the struggle is and they have each other’s backs!

Instagram | @thesavageposts

9. This person with a scary roommate.

Can you please stop?

Instagram | @nochill

10. This guy who does not need to carry his phone in the restroom.

Such a desperate reach!

Reddit | [deleted]

11. This message that can’t be interpreted by a spell checker.


Twitter | @nevemcguinnessx

12. The person whose car problems have been successfully cemented.



13. Anyone who ordered something online will relate…

What is this, a chair for my dolls? Oh, wait, I don’t own any dolls…

Twitter | @itssavannahxox

14. The person who successfully destroyed their iron.


Twitter | @goth_cakes

15. And he said goodbye to that piece of pizza forever!

Reddit | [deleted]

16. This lady who broke down after a major kitchen catastrophe.

Reddit | Noname_Maddox

Here are more people who have obviously had a bad day.

Source: Diply