16 Photos That Went Viral On The Internet

Ah, the Internet. The crazy, funny place where you can find literally anything. Especially interesting photos that other people share with the world, that you won’t see in any other place.

These 16 viral images definitely broke the Internet; from a lady with six fingers on each hand to airless bike tires, these mind-boggling pictures sent the Internet in frenzy. If you by any chance haven’t seen them by now, keep scrolling and see the cool things people share with the world, complied by Diply.

1. Love leaves marks

“In 1995, my great-aunt gave me a stuffed cat. It was my absolute favorite, and slept with me every night through my childhood… We found out she had bought an identical cat and kept it in pristine condition for two decades. The years of love certainly left their mark.”


Source: Reddit | Connguy

2. What a brilliant idea

Well maybe not, but what else can you do when someone refuses to sell his side to make way for condos.



Source: Reddit | livingtool

3. When a dog ripped apart this dog toy, a smaller, sadder dog toy was inside.

There has been some complicated thought processes behind the production of this toy.


Source: Reddit | omgxsonny

4. It’s all in the details

A toothpaste tube that shows all the ingredients and their function.


Source: Reddit | TheLonelyCaricature

5. People are lazy. It’s a fact.

Supported by these walls in a restaurant that have worn down where people have rested their heads against them for years.


Source: Reddit | DevinDTA

6. Some hardworking barbers

The floors in this barbershop have worn down in perfect semicircles around the chairs over the years.


Source: Reddit | maosaysmiao

7. Getting creative

Someone decided to use a European Super Nintendo as a brick in this wall. Whatever works.


Source: Reddit | Xstermanator

8. That pretty smart and can save many people’s lives.

This hotel’s hallway  has an exit signs at floor level in case people have to crawl along the floor in a smoke-filled space during a fire.


Source: Reddit | sofiavisitor

9. The perfect moment

What’s better than successfully climbing Volcan Acetanango in Guatemala? Just when you take the triumphant photo a neighboring volcano to erupt. Amazing.


Source: Reddit | littlegingerkumquat

10. Pulp Fiction script written on your shirt?

Genius. You can read from his shirt and you’ll never be bored at class ever again.


Source: Reddit

11. Naturally healing from a second-degree burn

This bakery worker suffered second-degree burns on her face from a tray of hot sugar glaze. She didn’t use any medicine to heal the burns.


Source: Reddit | bonniebelle29

12. Fingerprinting can be a career. .

Artist Iris Scott discovered that when she was trying to finish a painting with no clean brushes.


Source: Facebook | Iris Scott

13. If you have two extra pinky fingers would you have to pay extra for manicures?

Apparently not. But, imagine playing the piano.


Source: Reddit | bocajyouth

14. Inception

When this guy took a photo of his dog, he accidentally caught himself taking the photo reflected in his dog’s eye.


Source: Reddit | rearden-steel

15. It’s never snowing in Dubai

“First time seeing snow for my 8-year-old nephew from Dubai, he insisted on putting his snowsuit just to go outside and play, found him like this in 1 cm of powder.”


Source: Reddit | LookA50

16. What kind of sorcery is that?

Bike tires working without air designed for ride-sharing bikes so riders don’t have to worry about getting a flat.


Source: Reddit | 9_ar7k
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